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    How a Kenku child made us all war criminals

    We were starting my friend Ewan’s first campaign, placed in the setting of the campaign of our other friend. Both DMs had worked together to fit the story into the world, and we were all eager to begin. The party consists of Teris (male Firbolg barbarian), Jericho (male Aasimar paladin), Feron (male Half-Elf druid), Jean...
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    How our dwarven cleric BBEG spy became a living sword

    I'm a proud DM of a group of 4 players. We starting D&Ding in february 2019 at work. We were all colleagues back in the day, spending our 1 hour lunchbreaks in my fantasy realm.  In this campaign one of my players came up with an interesting backstory for his Dwarven Forge Cleric, named Gurum. He...
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    Phantasmal Force saves the day

    This was easily the most intense session I’ve ever played in D&D, but was so worth it. To set the scene, the campaign is in a post-apocalypse world where all the water has formed a massive ocean in the sky due a supernatural event called The Rising, and most settlements exist around Columns of water...
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    The Winterbane

    Of all the races of DnD, there’s one I love for reasons completely apart from DnD lore.  Dwarves. This is almost entirely due to my love and fascination with Warhammer fantasy dwarfs. I just adore a culture that places personal honor so far above even their own lives that if they are dishonored, they will...
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    How to PROPERLY be evil.

    47 years ago, the kingdom of Noth under the leadership of its new Young warrior king Hadrian of house Edin the city state discovered a cavern system leading to the underdark under the city where the drow have been kidnapping members of the kingdom and pushing them into slavery. The disappearances had been hard on...
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    Chuu, the Lawful good pure of heart warlock

    Years back, a local tribe of lizard folk were beginning to worry and enter into conflict with various towns encroaching upon their swamp and hunting grounds. Any attempt they made to ask the groups to leave was met with violence from the town’s folk.  To be fair, this tribe had been relatively hostile and was...
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    Tale of tents and Bugbears

    In a campaign I am still playing in, we were sent on a diplomatic mission to another country, it’s not too important what we were doing, but when a new player joined, a bugbear fighter I think, he rubbed my character the wrong way a little. I woke up late but got into the voice...
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    The Path to hell.

    I’ve always looked at the lore of dnd and been happy to use it as a guideline, not alway concrete setting laws. I keep most of the gods, and certain groups within, but usually I just make my own world with the building blocks provided. But one thing in dnd I love and will never...
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    Qui the Bard

    Qui's story starts like many, a simple lonely child on the streets. It is unclear who her parents were or why she was on the street, she never once even questioned it. They simply were never in the equation, no tragic avenging their deaths, no seeking them out for answers as to why they would...
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    Prequel to “The First Time I Rage Quit A D&D Campaign”

    So, this story takes place before the events of The First Time I Rage Quit A D&D Campaign that aired previously by All Things DnD. During that story I briefly mentioned the campaign the DM ended abruptly, all so he could begin work on ‘that’ campaign. So here is that story…. So, this was the...
  • A Note on Morality: How an Assassin shook a Paladin’s worldview with a single phrase.

    Valeria (LG Aasimar Paladin) Inanis (LE Human Rouge/Assassin) Pinn (CN Half-Elf Bard) Arcto (N Human Wizard) Inanis’ statement hung in the air like a troglodyte’s stench. One sentence. A simple statement. That’s all it took. “What did you say?!” Valeria said through gritted teeth, her golden eyes flashing dangerously. By this point, everyone in the...
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    Returning Hero

    Long long ago in a time when the heavens split and demons poured into the lands of the living, during the last great demon inclusion, a noble knight had been taking a tour of his lord’s lands only to see the burning hordes of unspeakable evils spilling through the torn wound in the skies. The...
  • My first Dungeons and Dragons game.

    Disclaimer: The names of all the spells, abilities, etc. probably aren’t the real names, just the best I can remember them. I’ve always kind of wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons. It’s interested me ever since middle school. But sometimes, even if something interests you, you never get around to trying it. That’s just the...
  • How to tie up loose ends

    “It’s well kept for such an old ruin…” Klaus  raised his torch to an old spiderweb blocking the door. His sister scoffed. “Of course it is, haven’t you heard the stories about this place? They say th…” “Stories about some manling nonsense to teach your kind about your greed and hate for the ten thousandth...
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    What Dungeons & Dragons Class Are You?

    Dungeons & Dragons has been the mainstay of role-playing for a very long time. The game was an instant sensation and it makes 100% sense to call it the best Table-Top RPG game of all time. As we know there are 12 basic classes in Dungeons & Dragons, it is quite difficult to spot a...
  • How the Amino tested my patience with the DnD community

    I won’t be using names of people or actual communities, but I won’t lie, it’s not hard to find if you try. I had been running into a LOT of trouble trying to get my hands on a DnD game, it was just one endless BS train after another. That is until I found the...
  • Why I overpower my players

    I sometimes get people telling me that my campaigns are too easy or they are set up to make the players too powerful. I often give players the ability to reroll their stats multiple times, and the option to change any negative modifiers to 0 by increasing that stat to 10. I've had many players...
  • Found out pretty quick.

    So… my story starts with the most God aweful problem that I am sure many of us have faced in the past and probably are currently facing. No group to play with. Names and some mild events have been changed to hide identities and make things just a little smoother. As I am an adult,...
  • How my warlock betrayed the party and became the prince of the nine hells

    This story comes from a homebrew campaign I played a few years back, but one I’ll never forget. It started with our characters studing at a school for adventurers, to get official licenses and such. The party members I could remember were a Ranger, a Bard, a Druid, and my character, Alistar Chainbreaker a Tiefling...