How a new vengeance paladin killed a cleric of the same monitor

The Paladin ran up with full movement and landed a nat 20 with his long sword and divine smite and did almost max damage


Me my brother and his friends where playing in a 5e homebrew campaign set in the normal mideival time and just ran away from a town because a I a druid and monk tried to steal some stuff for the monks temple where teribley caught. The party was caster by an angry dwarf barbarian, a human paladin, a human fight, a elf druid, and a huminoid bird ranger. The monk also just left forhis temple with the thing he needed. So the rest of is where on the run tring not to die. He hopped on a boat and left for a new town far away. We where in the stream of the new town called coast town and where jumped by three lizard folk that where some what difficult. On the soar of the river there where two people there that looked nearly dead we brought the one that was alive on board and left the dead one. When we get to the town they explain there's a lizard folk proplem the town wants our help. We figure out that there two different kinds of lizard folk and ones good and ones bad. We try to tell the town no one cares. When got to the town we met the people we would be working wirth. A stupid rpped guy with a hot elf gorl friend. A decendent of a goddess and a weird religous clerric that wanted to kill lizard folk. At one point we met up with a fake preirst I a druid snuck into a crypt as a rat to check it out we nearly kill three stone paladins and move on till we see the clerric restraing his friend in thw air because thats what his maunitor wanted. He locked him slf begind these huge stone pillars when our human fighter who somehow fowned a telepethy ring used it to trick the clerric into opening a door a not killing the person when he ruins it by saying do what you think is right and starts to get mad. This is when my brother the paladin who dosen't ever role well one hit this clerric in to a firey dust with nat 20 he duel weilds his long sword rushes the clerric gets 2 10 on his d10 then with divine smite rules four d8 and maxes out all of with eights sent this man away with one swing killing this man with second thought then realized what happened and our dm ended the session there


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