How a war mage trusted his magic more then a weapon


I am currently in a campaign with a homebrewed world where I decided to be creative with my character choices. Hobgoblin war magic wizard named Dran. That's right, a hobgoblin with a rapier with only mage armor. One thing about him, he has no memory of his past farther than two years prior to where we are now. Yep, he doesn't know what it means to be a hobgoblin. 

We had just reached level two after fighting off a hoard of magically corrupted elves. We decided to investigate the explosion at a peace festival between the human and elven kingdoms. 

At this time a new player decided to join. He chooses to be a shifter blood hunter and you got the order of the lycan. this player wanted to play as close to a werewolf as he could without being evil which I think is an awesome way of doing it in a D&D game.

Before he joined the party, a game beforehand we looked into investigating a series of thefts that had been happening for a few weeks. Mostly food, meat in particular. So we followed the clues.

We came to the conclusion that the thief was traveling in the sewers. Well, I can say that not all of us were excited about going into the sewers. Dran in particular. He liked keeping clean but when a war mages duty is called he must aid as that is his way. 

We traveled a little but one of the members of the party can see a pair of eyes staring at us in the distance. We freeze for a second to make perception checks to see if we can hear whatever it is that is in front of us. We do, it was running right at us! Roll initiative.

We get our weapons out as we hear the creature scramble then jump over us landing close to our paladin with Dran right behind him. Now, these sewers have a stream running down the middle while there are walkways on either side so we only have room for about one or two people standing next to each other. 

Our paladin swings and hits. The creature seems to shrug the sword off dealing no damage. This creature looks like a bipedal wolf. You got it a werewolf against a party of 6 level 2 characters! 

Sticking to my character's lack of knowledge about such things, Dran jumps to the other side noticing that weapons have no effect then casts a firebolt. It actually deals damage to it! Dran realizes that magic can hurt it but at the same time notices the werewolf has taken notice of him because he actually hurt it.

The werewolf jumps across the small river of sewage taking swings at Dran. The bite misses but the claw gets Dran in the shoulder! Dran knows he has to get away from this thing. Luckily his mage armor has him protected. 

Dran moves away, Attack of Opportunity. It hits so I cast a shield spell to keep what little of the HP I have at this level. The Dungeon Master Explains that when I get to the end of the tunnel Dran is in a large room. I take notice of the room then cast another Firebolt at the werewolf. I hit, 10 on the dice for damage!

The paladin starts using smites as he realizes that they can damage the werewolf now but for Dran, that werewolf has zeroed in on him like pray. The party runs into the room to try and get ahead of the werewolf but on its next turn its right on top of me. Luckily both its attacks miss. The panda monk in the group who is lore-wise is Dran's best friend Decides to cross the stinky little river to get a shot in on this werewolf. Whacking it in the back she realizes there is no damage. 

The Dungeon Master Quickly says, "Dran it is your turn you quickly notice a bandoleer on the floor with a shiny dagger sticking out that looks like it might be made of silver."

Dran's turn, I was in a small panic because Dran's spells were not doing much damage and then I look over my spell list one more time realizing. I had Ice Knife on the list when Dran became level two. Oh yes, I had more than a drop of water to cast this spell but I also had my spell focus crystal as well. 

"I cast Ice Knife." The party as well as the Dungeon Master are silent. 

"Which spell is that?" my Dungeon Master asked. I am guessing he hadn't read or seen this spell yet. 

It is a great little spell. I enjoy casting it still. A large shard of ice rises out of the sewer water then flies across the room. I roll for the attack. Nat 20. with my Dungeon Master, we roll double the dice so 2d10 piercing damage as the ice shard impales the werewolf. a 10 and a 7!

Then I remember the 2d6 cold damage that it deals as well. Dungeon Master said double those dice as well it is part of the spell so I roll 4d6. 6,3,5, and a 2 as the ice shard explodes with the werewolf fails its saving throw. 

My Dungeon Master then explains that as the werewolf starts to freeze from the cold damage it looks at Dran and says, "Why?" This has me as a player as well as Dran as a character concerned.

After then game ended shortly after that my Dungeon Master told me that I was given a golden opportunity to use a silvered weapon so why did I not use it. I smiled.

"Dran saw that weapons were doing nothing to the thing and that magic was, Dran knows nothing about werewolves so why would he try swinging a dagger at the thing when he had his trusty magic to aid him?" 

I have to admit killing a werewolf with a nat 20 ice knife was excellent was to end the game that night.



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