How a lost rule led to a ashen town and a new BBEG

Ignus was never seen by the party again, i understand now that at the time i was totally ruining the game for dm hes a good guy and im in the wrong in this story.

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So back when i was with my old group with friends we were playing through my dms custom campaign for dnd 5e. The group consisted of :

. A satyr druid (chaotic neutral , got us in trouble with civilisation on more than one occasion)

. A drow bard named donny ( had legendary persuasion and deception skills was a running joke parody of the now president donald trump and his art of the deal have a story about him for another day)

. Me a teifling red draconic sorcerer named ignus who was evil but tried to work with the party to gather power for his own needs and just to have fun burning stuff ( his end goal was to amass enough power to find a way to combine the elemental plane of fire and the material plane into one new plane of flames. he was a arsonist for hire by trade)

. A helmed horror (dm allowed monsterous homebrew races in his campaigns)

. The dm who is our friend and is quite a good dm who doesnt always play by the books but thats ok because it leads to cool creative stuff

So the adventure consists of our party working aboard a magical ghost ship travelling from island to island looking for treasure and quests to complete.

At first its all sweet and normal , until as a sorcerer i gain the ability to quicken spell and unlock fireball( you can probably tell were this is going).

As the adventure progresses due to both the dm and i not seeing the rule about how even with quickened spell only 1 spell can be cast in a turn (besides cantrip) i begin to consistantly demolish anything the dm throws at us with double fireball or a combination of fireball and similiar fire magics (im a pyromancer). This understandbly frustrates the dm because almost all enemies he uses from now on must be fire immune to survive as with elemental adept i ignore there resistances.

Skip ahead to much later in the campaign, we dock port on an island called fire island home of a large volcano and a port town known for its trade and commerce of rare crystals found no were else in the world.

When we get off the ship the druid decides to try pulling a prank on me which at the time i didnt overly find funny (admittedly when i first started playing i would probably be classified as a power gamer especcially with this character).

The helmed horror and druid decide they want to push me into the water off the wooden pier.

The dm at this point decides to try use this situation to get rid of me claiming that i should die because i wouldnt know how to swim due to being a pyromancer who is not a fan of water by any means. 

I argue that its a basic skill that although i wouldnt have a swim speed mechanically i as a child would of known enough to get to shore and not just sink and drown like he claims.

I eventually get back on the dock and confront the other PCs about it and already soaking wet thsy decide they want to try again. Now im not having any of this and in character i start yelling how if they touch me ill turn them to ash.

Well a fight ensues i cast some small fire spells at first attracting the town guards who attempt to help the others kill me but as a character whos personality trait is they are "hot-headed" i decided thats the last straw im not going down now.

I unleash 2 fireballs on to the wooden pier followed by another 2 on the following turn scoring high damage on both sets of rolls. 

The dm rules that i incinerate the pier and all the gaurds on it hitting some nsarby buildings and civilians aswell , the PCs survive and i start to run into the jungle nearby to escape further prosecution plotting to go back to town later at night and burn everything to the ground.

At this point the dm hatches a plan to finally make me have to make a new character. He describes that whilst im running through the forest i feel a strange presence flying over me.

I stop and prepare to unleash more fireballs with some remade spell slots from the sorcerers font of magic option.

What happens next i wasnt expecting at all, the dm lands an ancient red dragon in front of me apparently the volcano is his home and he treats the crystals here as part of his hoard. The dm has the dragon threaten me to prepare to be eaten like the puny mortal i am and i (only knowning fire magic) attempt to fireball it once trying to scare it off (obviously bad idea) it doesnt work all i do is immolate a large section of the forest.

The dm then hatches a new scheme and gets me to roll a charisma check i seem to succeed his dc and he now has the dragon instead of trying to kill me offer to train me as an apprentice of destruction abducting me and taking me to his volcanic lair to forever be a tool for his own nefarious ends

Ignus was never seen by the party again, i understand now that at the time i was totally ruining the game for dm hes a good guy and im in the wrong in this story.

Now after that session the dm told me he decided he was gonna actually bring ignus back as an npc final boss of the island before the party leaves but we never finished that part of the campaign and atarted a new one later. But that decision inspired me to use ignus as a BBEG for my custom campaign i intend to run my new group through and to flesh him out as a character and continue his story as the backstory of an insane villian.

All because when i first started we missed a crucial rule of play.


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