How an Aarakocra monk ended his year long search with an execution

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This story is from a game where we all play as gladiators at an arena.

Umekas had a bad start in life. He was beat by his father and his mother didn't care so he decided to run away. He ended up at a monastery where they cared for him and trained him in self defense. when he turned 18, he head of the monastery told him it was time for forgiveness, and Umekas agreed.

Umekas decided to head home but he was greeted by a smouldering building and the sight of a Red Dragon flying off into the distance. Distraught that he didn't get chance to make ammends, Umekas swore vengeance on the dragon and his hunt began. 

Umekas ended up signing up to be a gladiator in the hopes one of the monsters brought in would be the red dragon. After almost a year, and multiple fights and even a couple of revivifys, he got his wish. Umekas ended up in a 1 v 1 with the wounded Red Dragon as his teammates were dealing with a blue dragon at the other end of the arena. 

Now, up until this point in the fight, my rolls had been terrible, barely just hitting and minimum damage, so I decided to throw for a hail mary. "2 sword attacks, and flurry of blows". the dice roll and all hit, with 2 max damage rolls for the sword attacks. The DM replies "Describe how you beat it, but remember, deaths mean you pay for revival".

I breathed then RP'd how Umekas flew into the air with his powerful wings and used the sword to remove the beast's head from it's shoulders. Usually this would result in a huge cut in the reward to cover for a revival, but that wasn't enough.

Umekas turned to the royal box and spoke with conviction "This Dragon is evil and does not deserve to live. Do not revive him, or I will have to kill him again". The DM says "Ok, roll persuasion but with a high DC". I roll the dice, knowing my persuasion mod is non existent. My heart stopped as it rolled and then it settled, Nat 20. The crowd went wild and the on hand cleric acknowledged my request.

Umekas had finally got his revenge and realised, he had no reason left to fight. He bid farewell to his new friends at the arena and flew home, finally at peace.


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