How I fornicated myself in the behind



I'm a brand new DM running a homebrew campaign for a group of six players that are mostly strangers.  my players are a dragonborn Druid, a genosi artificer, a halfling monk, and three rogues: a human,  a tiefling, and a changeling. As a new DM and worried about wiping the party i created a human trickster Cleric for hire with bubble gum pink hair and a perchance for phallic symbols. one of players fell in love with her sense of humour and talked them into hiring her. last night during our session the group delved into a dungeon to procure their employer's ledgers because his steward who knew the dungeons secrets had been killed. my lvl 3 players reached the final room to face a shield guardian that i thought would give them a good challenge. wanting them to see the value of the Cleric they hired and because i believed it would be what the character would do she casts bane on the shield guardian. My awesome players then proceeded to mercilessly beat on the shield guardian,  who missed all attacks with the bane, until my artificer blew his head off with her thunder cannon. i was blown away that my 2900xp boss was taken down dealing no damage.


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