The Wolf and the Cyclops

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now, in a campaign I'm playing in, I'm playing a bard who also happens to be a sentient wolf named MoonClaw. now, Moonclaw's pack was slaughtered when she was just a pup, and she was sold to a carnival due to the novelty of a speaking animal. one day, she escaped with the help of a changeling named Calamity, her only friend and the reason she survived. Her imprisonment made her cold and angry, her personality dry, sarcastic, and seemingly uncaring. now, the first session I joined, the party saw a fleeing giantess, who the others promptly tripped, and then murdered. upon closer inspection, we saw that she had been carrying an infant cyclops, who we decided to take in. now, another party member kicked MoonClaw in the nose to get her away from the child, which caused a large fight between him and another party member who was basically Robin Hood. while they were in combat, MoonClaw tried to heal the child because of the fall, but the spell only hurt her. then, MoonClaw realized that the child was a vampire. MoonClaw, determined not to let another go through life without a loving figure had already decided to adopt the child, and was now prepared to do anything it took to cure the girl, who she named Daenerys. MoonClaw sniffed out a town, and allowed Dany to eat a cow that they found in a pasture. in the town, the party learned of a wishing well that could cure Dany. on the way there, Dany ate several sheep, and MoonClaw skinned them so she could have them made into clothing for the child. we are currently in a town that is under martial law due to an incident, and Dany is located at a daycare so that she can be kept out of harm's way and taken care of while the party did party things, while still allowing MoonClaw to visit her frequently. currently, the job we're doing actually puts MoonClaw in the daycare to get close to the daughter of an influential nobleman, as she needs to keep busy to distract herself from the death of Calamity, who she saw as a brother. Danaerys has been reaching huge milestones, and is currently learning how to walk and talk. MoonClaw loves her daughter more than anything, and will not tolerate any rudeness or racism just because she is a talking wolf raising a vampire cyclops as a single mom. she takes no shit, and will always be there for her child, and is currently considering the adoption of a young ghost boy. I'll post more if anyone wants me to.


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