How I fought acererak Buck Naked

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This was a one shot game for a birthday. We had a half elf paladin, a human Fighter, and Me an Asimar Bard. Before we started the game we built 12th level characters. We had a large amount of gold to buy things with and I indulged in some magic items.

We had spent 6 days traveling to some hills said to house the tomb of Acererak. My character had thouroghly annoyed the the other characters as my gimmick was that no matter what she played it always turned into stairway to heaven as she had heard it in her dreams since she was little. 

We arived at Acereraks tomb, found the enterance, and went inside. After finding an archway with some lit up stones we found a portal to a room with some light puzzle work. In this room we found a similar archway in which we promptly finageled with. The archway lit up with some mist and everyone was trying to find a way out of this room with two fake doors in it.

I am a bit of a bombastic player and have a tendancy to not make the smartest of choices regarding uncertain outcomes. I charged right into the archway just before my comrades found a crawl space. The DM handed me a note that said that I found myself back in another room with nothing but a couple pieces of moldy bread and cheese from my pack. This included my gear and the armor I was wearing. I was now Naked and desperate to find my gear.

I caught up with my comrades as they had entered a chapple through this crawl space. In this chapple were a bunch of pews and the front row the seats looked a bit taller than that of the others. My character desperate to find her gear opens the biggest row of pews and immediately regrets it as poison gas billows out of this pew and the only visable way out for the entire party was through this portal on the alter. We all run through this portal to escape the poison gas in the panic and proceed to have our Alignment and our gender swapped and my compatriots now women see me walk through this portal now sporting the old meat and two bits. We pass through the protal again and go back to our old selves and alignments.

We figure out how to proceed forward with some offerings of gold and I end up falling into a pit trap and almost dying. I managed to heal myself and proceed onward through the tunnel in the bottom of the pit. my comrades however almost die in the tunnel with the tilting floor.  They end up following me through the tunnel and we make it to acererak. 

The battle was easy considering we were fighting a litch.(this is my first encounter with one) acererak never even got a hit in on any of us. We "killed" acererak and grabbed all the loot and got out when we could before the tomb colapses. 

And that is the story of how I fought acererak without even a stitch of clothing on me.


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