How Killing The Party Was The Only Way To Save The Players And The DM From Total Disaster Due To A D10000 Table

Not all of our party members could make it, so our DM was did a session that was supposed to be fun and it was at first but turned ugly when we rolled a D10000


I'm currently a part of my first campaign in D&D and have had many fun and interesting experiences with my party. Still, there was one session that almost turned into total disaster when our DM had a roll on a d10000 table. Before I continue, I should note that this particular session was meant to be a filler because not all of our party members could be there because they were going out of town for the holidays or had work they couldn't get around. Those who could make it to this particular session was our Dragonborn Ranger, Human Druid,  Aarakoca Monk, Dark-Elf Monk (played by our DM), and my Character a Human Fighter.

The session started with the party walking the city known as Butterscooch, ruled by a man named King Daniel (everyone called him Prince Daniel). We had favor with Prince Daniel, so he allowed us to stay in his Castle as our center of operations. The party was separated at the time, another player and I were exploring the city to see what we could find. The rest of the party were told by messengers from the King that a powerful storm was heading towards Butterscooch and that we were to warn the city populous. Eventually, our party was united and right as the storm was visible from the street we were standing.

Everyone in the party started running for the castle for shelter, except my character and the Dark-Elf Monk. My character watched the storm, wanting to see what kind of storm was hitting Butterscooch. It wasn't a normal storm, as evident by the forks of Green lighting that filled the sky. The only reason my character was looking because his people were hunted by a race of beings who controlled storms. He was convinced this wasn't them because of the green lightning, so he ran with the Dark-Elf Monk not far behind.

All of us made it inside the Castle safely, noting the guards and servants were not concerned about the storm. None of us thought to ask why none of them looked concerned but my character did think to go to the Castle Archives to see if he could find any information on the storm. All he found is that there was a group of wizards who specialized in dismissing storms, tried to dismiss one similar to this one but failed. Which led to the disbanding of their guild because what good were wizards who couldn't dispel a magical storm? Meanwhile, the party when to their rooms to get some sleep. My character, danger senses tingling, placed his knife under his pillow and had the Mechanical Fox I bought in the last session to watch my room.

When the party woke up, they were still in the castle, all of us were accounted for. However, my mechanical fox, the servant, guards, and Prince Daniel were gone. One of us opened a window, revealing the Green sky, flat plain, and mountain in the distance. Leading up to this, everyone in the party were being effected by random effects generated from a d10000 table the DM had found on the internet. I wasn't surprised by the d10000 table because this Dm had created a different d10000 table and he had me experiment with him to make sure it worked well. 

To give an idea of what this d10000 table did, the Dragonborn Ranger woke up to his body being transparent. Inside, were planets that moved all across his body. My character, when my party when to wake him up, discovered was straight up not in his room. A few second later, he appeared back in his bed asleep as if nothing happened. All sorts of random effects happened to our characters through out the session, which will be later be why the session almost became a disaster.

Anyway, one of the party members rolled high on a perception check and noticed a figure on a horse being chased by a dragon. We as a party moved down stairs to let this new comer in. When we got to the castle entrance, we noted that the lower levels were buried in sand and the thrown was on the opposite side of the entrance. By the time we got there, the stranger was knocking on the door to be let in. The party pushes on the door to open the stranger in, with the exception of the Ranger who decided to sit on the throne so he could snipe the Dragon as he came through the door. To the party's surprise, the hinges on the doors were already weakened. So, the doors were literally torn of their hinges as we got the stranger into the castle.

This stranger introduced himself as Risky Pete, an adventurer who has stolen gold from the dragon that was chasing him. Indeed, he was holding a bag of gold and prismatic gems. One thing to note is that everyone in the party were all level 8 and hadn't fought a dragon in our time together. Naturally, the party chastises him for attempting to do something that stupid. Everyone except the Ranger took positions on either side of the door, the d10000 table still effecting us at random.

Then, our Dragonborn Ranger got a really bad role on the d10000 table. The Dragon outside got teleported in the throne room, behind the ranger, and the Dragon now perceived the Ranger as it's arch-nemesis. The Ranger was killed on the Dragon's second turn, his body shattering into a pile of glass. The rest of us had to find a way to take down the Dragon, now that it was in the room with us. Our Human Druid saw that none of us were close to the Dragon and decided to cast erupting earth. The Dragon (we would later discover was a young prismatic luck dragon) took a lot of damage and decided to attack the druid on it’s turn.

It didn't take long before the Dragon killed the Druid, his body disintegrating into a pile of glass. At that point, the party began to realize that something weird was going on with this place. Anyway, our two monks, Pete and my fighter started laying waste to this dragon. Throughout the first part of the fight, my fighter shot arrows that didn't do as much damage as I would have liked. My character moved in close to use his +2 Great Thunder-blade, which did considerable amount against the dragon. The Dragon, now sensing it's demised, try to take into the air to place itself in a favorable position. That granted everyone to do an opportunity attack. On my turn, my character rolled a nat. 20 and rolled an amazing 38 point of slashing/lightning damage as a consequence. That blow was lethal enough to kill the Dragon. With that in mind, my character turned on Pete because two members of our party were killed because of his greed.

After rolling a high intimidation check, Pete abandoned his treasure in fear of his life. A moment later, the Druid and the Ranger materialized unharmed in the room. Which made my character awkward for scaring Pete away. To my astonishment, the party decided to let me keep the 2000 gold that was in the bag. All that my party members wanted was one of the five prismatic gems that were in the bag. After harvesting parts from the dead dragon, all of us thought the session was coming to a close. Indeed, that was certainly what the Dm was intending, until he rolled the d10000 table.

Everyone, expect my character and the Dark-Elf Monk, went to their room under the assumption there would be a way out if we went back to sleep. My character and the Dark-elf went outside to admire the view. The d10000 table during the session had turned the plain into a vast sea, which added to the view. Indeed, session was going to end on a good note until the Dm rolled the d10000 table.

The whole day reset itself and our characters have no recollection of what just transpired. At this point, about 3 hours had passed, nearing 10:00 pm, and none of us were wanted to do everything all over again. Personally, I was devastated that I had lost 2000 gold and there was nothing I could do. So, we started to playing the whole scenario all over again. I still cringe from having to do that. However, the d10000 table was giving us different random effects.

My character has the misfortune of an artifact materializing in his body that instantly reducing him to a pile of ash. Our Dragonborn Ranger witnessed this as my character disintegrated in the Ranger's room but couldn't do anything to help. To my character's surprise, he wasn't dead but was in another place with a mysterious man. Meanwhile, Risky Pete barged into our Dragonborn ranger's room and asked if he could find a place to hide. A moment later, the Dragon plows through the wall form the outside. The Dragon spoke with the Ranger, one dragon to another, not interested in the Ranger at all. The Dragon found Risky Pete, killed him and went after the ranger because he realized the Ranger was helping him.

The Dragonborn Ranger had other plans, he snagged the artifact with a cloth and tried to use it to touch it to disintegrate the Dragon. He rolled for an attack, Nat. 1, the artifact slips out of the Ranger's hands and lands in his face and instantly kills him. He then appears next to my character in front of the same man.  Later, the castle begins to fall apart, killing the Dark-elf. The Druid was the next one be killed, leaving our Aarakocra Monk to fend for himself. At last, flames form around him as he tried to fly away from a bunch of gangsters that chased him, an effect from the d10000 table. He was killed as a result and found himself with the rest of is

With the while Party in the place with the mysterious man, we noticing the d10000 table no longer effecting us. The man revealed him as Alvis, God of Dreams and we were in his realm. We talked to him for a while and he granted all the loot we had gotten during the session. To everyone's disappointment, our Dragonborn Ranger didn't retain his transparent skin with the planets inside. Nor did any of us obtain anything that was an effect from the d10000 table. Still, we managed to end the session on a good note as we returned to the real world.

To any Dm who wishes to use a d10000 table, please use with caution. We had fun with that d10000 table but we ended up adding an extra 2 hours (the session starting at 7:00 pm and lasting to midnight) of unneeded play time to the session.


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