How my bard fooled over 70 guards saving a gnome village

The bard takes a fool proof plan that I made to keep gnomes trapped and forced to make creations for the Empire and completely free them while still being watched

  • my players are playing 5e and im the dungeon master, ive been DMing for quite a while now and have a lot of experience. i pretty mich run stickly campaigns that ive made myself and my players love every world i create. they are currently level 8 and i have 6 players at the table. im used to their shinanigens. that being said my players are as follows: a druid pixi in the circle of dreams named Tasi Dreamhopper, a rock gnome artificer battlesmith named Ella Reese, a () barbarian path of the beast from UA named Lauder, a human wizard in the school evocation of named (), a tiefling rogue assassin named Tesh, and finally a human bard in the College of the road from the book Humblewood named Guy. it all starts out with our barbarian Lauder and the party getting ready to leave his home, were allready a lot of sessions  so the party knows each other well. the only person i didnt mention that travels with the party is a NPC little half devil girl named izumi who has been adopted by the entire party but has the strongest connection to Tesh who is CE (who nows acts more like she is LE becouse she is a mother) and Ella Reese who is CG. the reason why she travels with them is becouse there used to be another player who adopted her but ended up just immeditly murdering her once he found out that he couldnt manipulate her in the exact way he wanted. the party killed him immediatly after he did this and brought her back to life, she has gained a madness and lost one of her wings as it was compleatly severed off. my party needs to go to the elemental plane of fire so Ella decides to see if her family knows anything about it, she rolls extreamly good on her history check and i tell her that her grandmama has actually been there back in her youth. so they all take a long 1 month journy to his home. he explains to the party that his family and entire village are artificers and that the empire once a month comes through taking pretty much all their creations to ever fule their hunger for power. once they get there i explain to them how they see a massive wall with 35 cannons and 35 balistas pointed inward to the village ready to pretty much destroy it should the gnomes ever try anything. this is me as a DM giving a small hint to my players not to try anything otherwise they will be blasted into next week. they all enter inside the walls and head through a series of fake doors, skirting around some boobytraps until they eventually get down to Ella's grandmama. they share a moment as Ella shows off her companion from the battle smith class he has named Fido 9000 which resembles a dog (because most of the other modles have either been destroyed or are wandering around the world ive created) and grandmama shows of her battlesmith companion named Fido 8500 which resembles a giant weasle. they talk and eventually decide that grandmama will be their guide to get them to the brass city in the elemental plane of fire. however now they have to get her out, they keep trying to think of ways to kill all the guards on the walls, but no matter what they come up with the town and all the gnomes inside would die. its at this point that the bard comes up with a briliant idea and one i myself never  and thus outsmarted me. he would hame it seem like every gnome in the village ended up using teleportation circle to escape when in reality they actually dug tunnels and threw the excess dirt into pre exsisting tunnels to not draw suspicion. it blew my mind, i told him that to pull this off it would be a very high DC since no gnome in the village was high enough to even cast the spell and none of them could either. so i had him roll performance to draw and make the fake teleportation circle real. of course someone gives him the spell guidence, while the artificer uses his flash of genious ability to give him an extra +5 and of course becouse he is a bard he allready has a +11 in performance. all together he ended up rolling a 15 on his roll and a 4 for guidence giving him a whopping 35 in total. needless to say he creates a perfect fake drawing of one. i next tell them that they will be followed through the tunnels once found, which is when Ella had the bright idea to make the tunnels look like natural cave ins by creating the supports out of flimsy rock and a wire system to either break them or pull them to collaps the caves they make. agin i say thats a high DC and to roll proficiency with his tools he has. he doesnt roll high enough, he asks if he can get the help action from his battle smith companion (who has gained sentience by having a headband of intilect put on it) and i tell him thats fine. nat 20, he makes it look idishtinguishable from natural cave ins when its time. tasi helps by casting congure minor elementals to have earth mephisits go down and help find the natural caves to put the dirt and stone they dig up in. lauder does what all barbarians are good at. dig furiously. the wizard wakes up from his drunken stupor and helps dig as well. its at this time that izumi the little devil girl goes around helping everyone and ends with helping to dig tunnels. nobody however was paying attention to her and the party had prior in the game gone directly against the Goddess Lolth the spider queen. they were near caves so i decided to inact my revenge for them breaking a portion of the campaign i had set up as a larg battle sight and rolled in secret to have her kidnapped which succeeded. finally on the day they all get ready to escape they get a headcount as the distraction up above is being made and cant find izumi. immediatly both Ella and Tesh start making survival checks to track her down. Tesh fails her roll with an 8 but Ella barely succeeds with a dirty 20. i tell her that she finds a note saying in undercommon "Lolth sends her reguards". and its at this moment that they have to  which to do. go and rescue izumi their daughter who is half devil and could possibly end up getting them killed in the end. or save an entire village of gnomes. they make the hard desision but end up choosing to save the gnomes and save izumi after. they successfuly escape and are now left wondering where exactly has izumi gone. i as a DM have plans in store. there will be a big twist comming in their future. but that will be a story for another day



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