How my character made a mercenary company from the local Mafia Part 1

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this is a fairly recent game thats not yet finished but i just had to tell this. 

the story starts of with me a half-elf bladesinger, typoon the yanti pure blood druid, light the dragonborn cleric, Prometheus the warforge paladin, 17 the warforge monk, Gabriel the human fighter, sheana the halfling rouge and alister the human rouge.

we all meet in the place where all great adventure begin in the taven and we hear a gnome need bodyguards to deliver valuable cargo to the capital of this world and we went to meet the guy.

after arriving we decided to make me the deal maker since my background made it seem like im reliable. we went back and forth on the terms of the contract till i felt like we got a good deal. As of the contract we got a driver since he’ll know the way better and we set off with a couple of us in the cart and the rest walking besides it a couple of in game hours went by as we get ambush by some bandits some normal early encounters. 

We delt with it quite quickly killed most left a couple a life so Gabriel can get information if there was some me, light and typoon looked in there pocket to see if there’s any letter but we only found a letter to an amy a love letter on a young human lad. once we said there’s nothing useful on them Gabriel tried to kill them now for some backstory archie my character was ment to be a Stanwick and Grimm since he was kicked out of his mercenary company since his recklessness got his mentor killed. but i couldnt watch this for some reason and stop Gabriel and said “you boy you dont want to die do you?” “no sir i really dont im sorry for attacking you” the boy replied crying thinking he was gonna be killed. 

“then way dont you work for me and make an honest living” i said just seeing what would happen. roll Persuasion the dm muttered. 17 “what what are you talking about”, “work under me as a sword for hire you may get the odd job because we are not a company but its a better life then this” we sat there in silence for a few seconds as my dm thought to himself “that that sounds nice are you sure” i nod as i write up s contract saying we are now a company and as payment for his training equipment and other stuff any gold he makes i get 10% of it 

and thats how i got my Frist member to my company Damien the human eldritch Knight. i talked with my dm later that night and came to a deal that damien will stay with the party until his “training” is complete which he will leave and send week pay as of the contract which i had no problem with so for the next couple of sessions damien was apart of the group he help fight scaveng for wood and food trained in magic and spared with Gabriel 

when we all reached the capital we was  exhausted and really want to sleep in a real bed so as light damien and sheana went to deliver the cargo and do paperwork me 17 and Gabriel went to find a inn. i step away for a few minutes to get a drink since the scean was with the cargo when i got back everyone looked pale but refused to tell me why light damien and sheana all came to the inn and i decided to find a Taylors since in the last battle my shirt got badly ripped.

after no longer being topless i decided to pull one of the locals aside to ask whats up with the town he pulled me into an allyway and started talking about the local mafia just after said that he got shot with an arrow and this heavy armoured thing with a bird mask stepped out and started threatening me. i was mad for a few reasons 1. my character completely refuses to loot of dead seeing it as disrespectful 2. he payed him to talk about the people so on top of losing gold he in a way killed this man 3. now i cant get information i was looking for and 4. this guy was incent and was merdered.

so i draw my scimitars and challenged him to a battle if i win i get the information i wanted if he wins i die i accept and with a mix of mage armour blade song and goid rolls i came out on top disabling him and looting his armour Longsword and gold. tieing him up and dragging him in the streets to the inn the local folks reconised the mask and cheered that someone stud up to them getting back to the inn i showed my party the prize i won and everyone started to panic for a 1 mr bird the head of the mafia was also the man we delivered very powerful weapons to as cargo


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