Tales of Bartanis: Abduction Of The Aarakocra Monk (Pt. 2)

Bartanis escapes with Jiko but is pursued by the authorities. Bartanis summons a Phantoms steed while Jiko pretends to be knocked out, waiting to make his move.


If you not Read Tales of Bartanis: Abduction Of The Aarakocra Monk (Revised Pt. 1), be sure to read it before reading part 2.

The session begins with Bartanis walking in the woods, Jiko tied and gaged on a floating disk. Bartanis stops when he hears the voices of the soldier in the distance. Knowing he would be caught if he didn't lose his trail, Bartanis spends a minute and a spell slot to summon a Phantom Steed. Jiko, meanwhile, pretends to be knocked out from the sleep spell and waits for the right oppertunity for Bartanis to not be notice him. Up until this point, Bartanis had not noticed he had forgotten to tie Jikos legs together, which was suited the Aarakocra Monk just fine.

A short while later, a steed of black energy with flaming purple eyes rises form the ground. Bartanis mounts his Phantum steed and begins to ride, floating disk right behind him. That is where Jiko makes his move, kipping so he can disk in a crounch.  This is the part, where everything starts to get hairy for the Aasimar Wizard-Barbarian. He notices Jiko's kip on his disk and immediately stops the Phantom Steed.

The DM looks up at me shick and then at Jiko's player before before launching into a discussion as to how floating disk works. The DM then says to Jiko's player, "Jiko, make a Dex. Save."

Jiko's Player rolls the dice and get a Nat. 1. The DM rolls a d10 to determine severity and rolled a 1, which is the worst severity a player can get. The DM Narates, "Jiko, you kip on to the floating disk but are caught off guard but your capure's sudden stop. You keep going and fly head first in a tree. your head somehow gets wedged in the only hole found on the tree."

The DM Rolls more dice, "You take 11 points of bludgeoning damage."

He turns to me, "Bartanis, your hounty is lodged in a tree. What do you do?"

"I draw my scimitar of wounding and cast true strike on Jiko."

The DM immediately gives me one of those worried looks. Now, for those who don't know, any damage taken from any weapon of wounding can't be healed by any means unless they take a short or long rest. Also, the target takes 1d4 nacrotic damage for every wound taken until they make a Constitution save of 15. In other words, a suitible weapon for Bartanis.

Jiko tries to pull his head out of the hole in the tree but fails his strength save. Bartanis takes his Scimitar and attempt to hit Jiko in retrublution for Jiko trying to escape. I roll the dice and got a Nat. 20. All of the dice from the sword and the nacrotic damage, adding up to a nasty total of 22 points of damage.

The DM, has me roll a perception check, Bartanis sees the soldier on a horse closing in on his location. Confident that Jiko was stuck, Bartanis confront the soldier. The DM takes a moment to warn Jiko's character that if he doesn't get his head out of the hole, he will start sufficating.

As Bartanis, I say, "Stand down!"

The DM has me roll a persuasion with disadvantage. I got a Nat. 1 on the first roll. We all lose it at the table because that was the worst time to get a bad roll. He DM say to me, "Bartanis, you try to talk to the soldier but the man is so terrified of your appeaance that he tries to attack you rescklessly. You realize there is no talking to him, roll initative."

I roll and managed to get higher then the soldier. I try to cast charm at level one, the man succeeds the saving throw and tries to attack me. Now, I should explain my mind set for how Bartanis reacts to this fight. He is a Bounty Hunter and doesn't want to draw more attantion to himself, even though his alignment is Neutral Evil. So, Bartanis does what he can to in capasitate the soldier. Meanwhile, Jiko successfully dislodge his head from the hole and hides behind the nearest tree. 

After taking damage along with his steed, Bartanis decides to cast sleep on the soldier. The Soldier passes out and hit his head on the ground, alive but knocked out cold. Bartanis looks for Jiko, and rolls a high perception check. He has his Phantom horse ride to where Bartanis can speak to Jiko. As he does so, another soldier appears on the scene. He sees his knocked out brother in Arms and immediatly thought his was dead (the DM rolled low on his intelligence general intelligence check).

I say as Bartanis to Jiko, "Come with me peacefully and these men will be spared."

There is a pause the table before the DM says, "Roll an Intimidation check; Jiko roll Insight."

We roll and Jiko knows Bartanis intends to make it so. Still, he takes his chances and runs for the mounted soldier for help. Bartanis turns around and casts a level 2 charm spell. Jiko passes his wisdom same but the soldier. I say as Bartanis, "Tie his legs up and hold him still."

The Soldier, under the charm, recognizes the voice of a man who spoke with authority and responds, "Yes my Lord."

A short moment later, the soldier had Jiko's legs tied together. He then proceeds to stake jiko's hand down by the rope with his sword. In hind sight, that was stupid move on the soldier's part as Jiko found one of the sharp edges and manages to cut his hands free. I say Bartanis, "You will get back on your disk and you will be happy about it."

I then cast suggestion, the same spell that got Jiko captured to begin with. Jiko's player rolls a wisdom saving throw and fails. After help from the Soldier, Jiko was back on his disk with is hands retied. Bartanis speaks to the charm soldier, instucting him to use a code phrase the Soldier use to indicate the militia had gotten involved in something above their pay grade. Somthing to note, Bartanis doesn't know the key phrases,  which is why he tells the guard to do it for him.

The chase goes cold, Bartanis' persuers beleiving the abduction was something legal. Until both soldier recover and confirm that they have been duped, of course. As for the rest of the session, Bartanis is not disurbed as he makes his way to his boss's lair. Now, I add this next part only to give an idea of how deeply this effects our campaign. Also to make one factor to make clear, this whole sidequest was to meant to be a sidequest that Jiko was supposed to expiriance while he is sepatated from the party. What went down between Bartanis and Jiko was not expected to have gone so poorly for our beloved Aarakocra-monk.

With that in mind, this has now become a major part of our for our party's objective. Anyway, the both of them arrive to a house deep in a a Dark Forest. Bartanis knocks on the door and is given an immediate response, "Blatanis? Blatanis, you better have a good reason for this disurbance."

To which Bartanis responds, "I have a prize for you."

"You do? Well, bring it in and let me see it."

Bartanis walks into the mansion enterence with Jiko on his shoulder. What Jiko sees is a lavish and well maintained room with a bar and a bar tender making a drink for his master. Sitting in a chair at a poker table is very well dressed, clean shaven Gnome. The Gnome looks a Jiko and says, "Gah! You caught a bird? you know I don't like bird."

"He is wanted on the list."

His master, describes the Bartanis' master looking through his list of people. He then exclaims, "He doesn't show up on my list!"

Bartanis responds cooly, "He shows on my list."

His master grubbles as he got up and reteives another list after looking through the list, he says, "Yes, he does show up on the Organization's General list of wanted list."

He looks up, "Next time you bring me someone, it had better be someone who I personally want. As for this one, we will need to send him off. Release the cows."

Bartanis Follows his boss with Jiko still on his shoulder. A moment later, Bartanis releases a bunch of cows into a closed off paster. The three on them proceed to stand in the middle of the pasture. Bartanis' boss suddenly emmits energy, which the DM then tells us to roll wisdom saving throws. Jiko fails his savng throuw and is shrunk to the size of a gnome. Bartanis on the other hand succeed his with a Nat. 20 and is not effected. The Cows surrounding them shrink as well, while Bartanis' boss grows to an epic size. He then proceeds to take the tied Jiko and throw him like a baseball.

Jiko is sent flying and doesn't land for many hours. When he does land, he is found a familier place. His home kingdom, where is a wanted as a criminal. That is where Jiko's story stops for the time being. As for Bartanis, he turns to his master, who shranks back to his normal size. He asks, "Are there any arrends you wish for me to handle."

His boss gets a distant, angry look, and says one name, "Randolf!"

Bartanis knew exactly who his boss is referring to and bows, saying, "It shall be done."

The session end with Bartanis beginning a jouney North.


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