How the Half-Elf rouge played the DM

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All names used are the names of my friend”s characters and not there real name.I am relatively new to D&D and started Dming my own homebrew adventues 6 months ago. I had introduced my friend Zephera to D&D and she suggested we invite a few more friends. I did and they were hooked almost instintly. They were willing to not only rollplay, but actually help each other out and laugh when plans failed or somebody failed some role.They even worked together to make there backstories as epic as possible, some were really detailed so I included parts of it. Our party consisted of a Female Half-Elf rouge assassian, Zephera, which didn’t really want to kill. She liked preforming in towns, for little kids and using slight of hand to make them think she was magic. I asked if she wouldn’t mind playing a bard but she said no, “I like the idea of being anyone I want to be if I watch them a few days.”,creepy but I let it slide. A Hill Dwarf life domain cleric, Dutch, a silver Dragon born Eldrick Knight, Medrash, me, a Human Hunter Ranger, a Tiefling Draconic Bloodline Sorcerer, Melech, and our Human Oath of Vengence Paladin, Doom. He didn’t have a name because in his back story he was disowned by his father when he found him trying to rescue some slaves his father owned. His father killed the slaves and almost killed doom but he killed his father instead. His father’s dying words were,” You are not my son” he said in a sharp tone, chocking on his blood,”Who are you?” his reply was cold and with out feeling.” I am your Doom” and delt the final blow. On that day he took his vow and promised himself that if it was in his power, he would never let anyone have the same fate as him. Plus whenever he crossed blades or whatever with a monster, he would deal so much damage in one attack, they would almost always ask him while bleeding to death on their knee’s,” Who are you?” and he would always reply,” Your Doom”. Admittiedly chessey, but we let it slide and thought it was kinda cool when we fought dungeon bosses. Now when I said I had been homebrewing adventures, that’s all they were just cool quests I thought the party would like, I had no campian, no final do or die moment, no ending. I was content just writing and rping adventures with my friends. But I realized after a few months, though my quests were fun, we were to strong for almost everything in the book, even my homebrew mosters with almost god level stats weren’t much of a challenge. And what my friends asked me next session was something I almost had a heart attack over. Zephera asked me,” Can we kill a god? Like Lolth?”

Most of the party was all for it cause we had experience with the drow and the Underdark. I was in shock that not only would she asked to kill a god, but a demon Queen that she and I had a back story with. Her only relation with Lolth was that she was part drow,and had been shun for being a “half-breed”. Mine was my mother was a former drow priestess that had used her magic to hide herself from the demon queen. When the spider queen found her, she corrupted one of dad’s best friends, showed an orc pack where we lived and had them raze our home and the village near it. My mother told me to find dutch, but when we got back it was to late. Now at this time, my character had no idea that had happened, and I had told the party just what my character knew. I thought I could tie it in with ths final fight. Passfoward a few weeks, thinking of what we might run into, and asking what the party what would they want the end game to be like, sense this was their story as much as mine. I thought this was going to be the most epic thing I would ever be apart of in the game and with this party, and boy was I right! Melech teleported us to the Underdark and the most powerful drow fortress/capitol I could think of, with a special shrine that could summon Lolth. Now my party usually makes a plan before doing something like this, and they had one I never expected. “We walk to the front of the gate and demand that they open the gates or we will tear them down and kill ever last one of you purple skin monstrosities! “Present company excluded.”,Doom said to Zephera. And that is exactly what we did. Melech blew the gate open with a 6 lvl fireball, while Doom and Medrash used there shield spells to cover us. As we made our way in, they discribed how they hack, slash and out right blow ever warrior they saw do pieces, I even through drow riding wyvern, with boosted stats, and they tour through them like they were Lemure. The capital was huge, and it took us a bit to find the temple. We did find an alchemist lab with several posions, which Zephera found out were used to control the wyvern, and some were fatal. She found the most dangerous and liced her shortswords with them. When we got to the stairs that lead to the temple we had 40 drow elite warriors armed with magic weapons and 5 priestesses blessed by Lolth standing before us.As we got closer, 20 more riding wyverns flew behind us as we walked closer. Medrash grinned a huge smug smile (sorta, he is a dragon born so i’m not sure what you would call it) and said,” Looks like we are in the right place, Uriel(me),take everyone to the temple and kill the demon queen, Doom and I will handle this lot. And with that he he used his breath weapon and Doom ,who had just turned level 20, became an Angelic Avenger, spouting his wings and flew after Medrash, clearing us a path. I was really suprised by this and dutch had to actually grab me for me to come back and we moved to the temple, were acolytes were praying  for strength. Dutch and Melech took care of them with ease but they just kept coming. We found the shrine and we covered Dutch as he began the ritual. When he finished, we expected for Lolth to stand before us, but no, it opened a portal to a dimension under Lolth’s control. Dutch and Melech told me and Zephera to go, that they would hold the portal to make sure these (insert dwarvin curse here) didn’t trap us there. Now I was mad, not only was my party purposely splitting up but they were doing in the most epic and unexpected way imaginable! I had expected a few of us to at least get hurt but now it looked like we were actually going to die! I protested saying “not with out you two!”. Dutch expected me to do this and told Zephera,” NOW!” and she picked up the dice, rolled an 18, and tackled me into the portal. So there we were, my best friend, me, against a demon queen that hated our very existence. The plan reminded me of limbo, nothing but blackness and a desire to sleep for eternity.I found Zephera, and my dad’s best friend, Owen mooncrest. He wore Black plate mail, with Lolth’s symbol engraved in his shoulder, his eyes purple and demonic, the blade in his had rezinating with a dark aura. This was not my father’s best friend, but Lolth’s trap. That’s right, all of that crazy stuff and it was a Death trap. But my friends didn’t give expressions of shock or terror, they only grinned, and now I was the one that was afraid. They had expected this and they were all ready. Zephera didn’t even hesitate, rolled a 19, and struck him with the posion blade. Now this was something I should have paid more attention to because this poison was homebrewed stuff that I intended to use in a trap that we never encountered, that would would make us drop to at least 10 hp if we did succeed our con save. Owen made his save but it was my turn to attack, nat 20. I cut off his demoinc head and watch as his body and armor fade into the darkness. As we walk back to the portal, we find Dutch healing Melech, who was missing an arm and part of his left horn, Medrash was missing an eye and bathed in blood from the drow bodies that surrounded him. We walked out of there and that is where I ended the session. Now the next part I had to know so I was blunt about it.” How the heck did you guys know what was going to happen?!?!”. They all burst out laughing, and Zephera told me the exact opposite of what I expected. “Dude you are a great DM and we prepared ourself for a last stand kinda fight cause we knew you were going to make this a fight to remember. But because we know you, we expected there to be a few tricks about this place. She winked at me and I couldn’t help but laugh with them. I promised to make a real campaign with even stronger mosters and cooler homebrew items for them to fight next time, were we really would kill Lolth. I think I have the best friends possible and I can’t wait to see what i come up with for our next session.

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