Its all about the Neckbeard

The tales of our resident Neckbeard at work a saga of sorts.


I've played DnD on and off most of my life with small groups before finally landing me an awesome group of people at one of the local game shops in town. We have a wonderful DM that I can't thank him enough for being a wonderful story teller and all around awesome guy, but sadly he won't be the main focus not this time. 

No I'll be talking about our local neckbeard that joined the group. I was still working with my job to get our scheduled DnD nights off when I recived a couple of texts from another member in the group about a new guy that almost obliterated the party with a fireball. He also destroyed a god weapon in the process and got in a fight with the paladin that was in our group. He did a couple other things during the session, but that was one of the main things I seem to remember from it all. Now my gut wasn't liking this guy already though I was going to give him a chance. The next session I was able to go to I laid eyes on him and my gut went into overdrive that this guy wasn't going to be good news. He had your normal neckbeard look to him, but again I have been wrong before with people. 

He was playing a wizard and I was a assimar druid who tried to do good keeping her small hut carefully tended for. We continued on in the campaign and my thoughts for him didn't really change as he played his character trying to make them the center of attention and arguing with out DM about small things (this continued on in later campaigns as well, but those will be touched on another time) but soon we were getting to the end of the campaign where it was revealed we were all in a pocket of the nine hells controlled by a devil that was taking away their sibling's god powers away from him. 

So it was up to us to stop her and he seemed to calm down near the end of the campaign itself…before he destroyed a whole shed full of gnomes powering an electic fence with a fireball. He seemed to be getting agitated when other characters would get the spotlight like when my druid was facing down a powerful lich trying to help her party further up the tower before she got turned into a soul gem. Sadly I had to leave after she got turned into that because of work, but the next session we were all geared and ready to start doing the next campaign that was a sort of continuation of the last campaign. I also heard from the other players that his wizard escaped the tower itself after a few more people died, but this will be important later. While we were all doing that he seemed to be talking to our DM about something he wasn't too keen about, but he okayed it. He spent a good 20 to 30 mins happening to talk to this guy about how his last character turned into a lich. 

you heard me he wanted his character to be an all powerful lich and have a hand in the next campaign. Now I'm all for the whole interwining a past character in the next one, since my new character was linked to my druid, but it was one of those things where it just was weird and very all about him. I had my character down patted and everything, but I had never played a sorcerer before so I was trying to get input from our DM, but he was sadly enwrapped in whatever this guy was wanting to do with his lich character. I tried listening in, but I zoned out too much to remember the details. 

I have a few more stories to tell about him so the saga will continue in the next post. 


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