Bad decisions

  • How a Chaotic Evil BugBear Rogue derailed a one-shot

    I was volunteering as a DM for my local gaming group, playing an online one-shot for a group of strangers. It was a D&D 5e dungeon-crawl, set in an underground cavern underneath a magic academy that I had written myself. It had custom-made magic items, a massive underground fight, and an epic BBEG. I was...
  • The time our DM had to save us from our bad decisions

    This story begins with the start of a new campaign. Our party, who did not know each other at this point, starts of by answering an "adventurers wanted" ad. Now this party consisted of 3 players, a drow mastermind rouge, a halfling warlock, and, my character, a half-elf oath of ancients paladin to a nature...
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