The time our DM had to save us from our bad decisions

A story about the time that our DM had to create a (kind of literal) Deus ex machina to save our party from a TPK


This story begins with the start of a new campaign. Our party, who did not know each other at this point, starts of by answering an "adventurers wanted" ad. Now this party consisted of 3 players, a drow mastermind rouge, a halfling warlock, and, my character, a half-elf oath of ancients paladin to a nature god. I should mention, that no one in this party was good, I was the moral compass of the party, and i was lawful neutral (the other 2 were evil). So when we all answered the ad, most were in it for the money (except my character, who wanted to become famous so he could more easily spread the word of Myrin, his god). The quest giver was a man named Nils, a merchant who our DM descrbed as "a half-orc Monopoly man." Apparently a small mining town not far from the city we were in, has stopped sending their ore shipments. Nils wanted us to investigate the town and to make sure that it could be lived in again. After some negotiations about the reward, in which the halfling guilt tripped Nils who only seemed interested in the mine of the town and not the peope (she is an evil character, so it was mainly a ploy to get more money), we set of for the town. As we approach, it's obvious that the town has been abandoned. However, when we actually enter the town, we see a strange figure, wearing a large trench coat, approaching us. They seemed like a human at first, but upon closer inspection but their proportions seemed off. When this figure reached us, it started to tell us that everything was fine and we weren't needed here, but yet again their voice was off, a little too high pitched. We, the players, already knew what was going on, and our characters weren't far behind. We manage to rip the trench coat off this "person," and, instead of a perdon, we find 3 kobolds standing on each other's shoulders. After being found out, the Kobolds scatter, and we watch them, a little dumbfounded despite this being what we expected, as they run into the towns tavern. We manage to get over to the tavern in time to see the trench coat kobolds giving a panicked report to the chieftain of their tribe, who had obviously been in the middle of some kind of religious thing as all the kobolds were gathered in front of an altar with a dragon skull on it. Our Warlock decided to waltz right into the tavern, like she owned the place. Which freaks the kobolds out even more, but our warlock had a plan. Once inside she managed to cast an illusionary spell that made it seem like the dragon skull was talking. The gist of what she made it say was "these people are my messangers, I've sent them to aid you, any attack against them is an attack against me." This immediately caused the Kobolds to drop the weapons they were preparing, and treat us like honored guests. We ask the kobolds where the people of the town went and how they managed to inhabit it now. According to them, something came out of the mine and killed everyone in the town, and the kobolds used to live in the mine and came out to escape the monster. We convinced a kobold to try and draw the monster, and he drew a very crude drawing of a long creature with many legs, and forked, jagged likes coming out of it's open mouth. However, before we could enter the mine, we needed to find out more about everything, and the kobolds had some work for us that wasn't mine related. The chieftain assigns a kobold to act as our guide, and to aid us in any way they can. We learned that this kobold's name is Grinka, and our drow took a shining to him, and started treating him like a pet or something. Our first mission from these kobolds was that some giant spiders were nesting in a barn right outside of town and have already made a few kobolds their meal. We burnt the barn down around them. While the Warlock went to tell the cheiftan that the spiders were gone, the drow, Grinka, and me decided to investigate the mayor's house. We could tell that something had come to inhabit the house, so we decided to take a stealthy back door entry. Though the stealth did last long, and right behind the back door was an owlbear, and it was hard to muffle the clank-clank of my character's metal armor. As the warlock was with the kobolds, we were down a player for this battle, and it showed. By the end of it the drow was unconscious, but i managed to deal the final blow with a searing strike across the owlbear's flank (if you can't already tell, fire is used a lot in this campaign). With the owlbear dead, we have free reign to investigate the house. The back door we entered through lead to the kitchen, and one of the first doors we come across leads to the wine cellar.


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