• The Storyteller Bard

    This story tells about one of my favorite characters I’ve ever DM’ed for. His name is Pliny Windseeker a fallen Asimar bard. He didn’t sing songs or paint, he simply told stories to cast his spells. When he needed to give our barbarian a boost in strength for a difficult challenge he simply walked up...
  • DnD Story #232 – Don’t tell me I broke the rafter.

    So in a Wednesday game I play, we have 5 players (including me) which are a Goliath Barbarian, Kenku Rogue, Mountain-Dwarf Sorcerer, White Dragonborn Paladin, and (me) Blue Dragonborn Revenant Warlock. The session almost didn’t happen because our Barbarian, Rogue, and Paladin didn’t show up, but luckily our DM’s brother decided to join in for...
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