The Day a Group of Level 4 Adventurers Doomed the World


So I am currently in a DnD 5e Homebrew campaign with a 6 friends and me (6 players and the DM). Our party consists of 7 members at level 4; A Frog monk, a Rat folk Artificer, a half orc barbarian, a Warforged druid, a Human Necromancer, Human Mystic, and Human Cleric. The world is called Verria and essentially it is a homebrewed world where there are no continents, just small islands scattered across the ocean and our merry group is apart of a Guild where we set out to go on adventures. And this was my 3rd session with this group named House Honey Badger and we have a lot of fun playing and the campaign is loose rolled to an extent. And this session was no different, I had just introduced my second character, party needed a full support and felt like I wasn’t doing much with my way of the wild fire druid with damage so I rolled up a new one, a life domain cleric and the shenanigans start immediately with a nudist half orc running up to greet her. After her introduction to the group we set sail on our boat with a mission to kill a bird of some sort. Our Frog monk and Mystic fish and caught a full magical door and we proceeded to go in and grab a book called “The Catalogue of Cursed Items With Potentially Cataclysmic Proportions”. The book was essentially a catalogue of curse items a character named Mercury wanted us to destroy, luckily we happened to have one of the items on hand, The Dagger of the Devil, which upon being put into the book spat out 500gp and gave us a purified dagger with a special property. At this point everything is good…but then the second item came up. “The Deck of Everything” was its title and in order to get it we had to fish using a special bate in a treasure spot…we met every requirement and we on our first try got it. So our Monk picks up the box it was in and unlike “The Deck of Many Things” you are FORCED to draw a card upon touching it and he had a card in his hand. After this he was sent to a room where he had to pick either a bow, shield, or sword. He picked the “Bow of Many Things” as we found out when he turned a boulder into a swarm of golden bats. After this our mystic declared he wanted to draw a card, since he found and owned the first item and we wanted the streak to continue. Well he was sent to a room with “Lady Luck” where he was told to choose one of two bags on pedestals. He choose the left one and was pulled out of the room with a card in his hand. What he pulled out literally changed the storyline of the entire story for the foreseeable future. He pulled out what we’ve dubbed “Ice Satan from the card. Now this thing was a creature our DM never thought he would use but now it is the central part of the story. This creature is an ancient evil that devours creatures equal or lower to its strength and transforms them into twisted abominations of themselves serving under him and he gains a bit of this power. We were told that this creature had the potential to team wipe us and when we asked we learned our dm was being modest, we are a Group of level 4’s and we summoned a creature with the possibility of reaching a Challenge Rating of 72 (if left completely unchecked). So when we realize what we’ve done since our Rat folk and Mystic both knew enough to tell us the terror this thing beholds w threw the Deck into the book to “clense it” and we got 2k gold because of the threat that deck represented and we got a new one. This second deck was “The Deck of Good Things” So we immediately start fishing for hopefully a wish spell out of the 40 cards we had. The biggest things we Drew were a potion that turned the character that consumed it into a level 20 Wizard for 24 hours and a Holy Hand Grenade that does 30d10 damage. After this the Guild master had used his magic to teleport to us and he was furious at our Mystic for what happened and told us that once we were done with our current duties we were to immediately return to the guild hall. Shortly after he left my cleric and our half orc who managed to get a diving mark from my goddess (in this world there is a small pantheon of hmebrewd gods) Messaging us that the Pantheon of gods were in disorder over this and that we (and all of her followers) were to sail to an island near us where she would appear to guide us through these times. Shortly after that we ended our session for the night and our dm leveled with us, the deck essentially made us pull something from the End of the campaign to the fore front and he noted in his own list of super scary things that if ANY of his parties were to pull this he would have to separate his two session into two different timelines with how much it would change the story. Up until this point there had been no real story to our campaign, just a group of funny people sailing the seas doing adventures, but now there is a big story line which all of the players are looking forward too, this is most certainly unorthodox but we are excited to continue this in our next session where we will meet a Goddess who has had to step into mortal affairs because we doomed the world with one of deck of magical cards.


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