The Great Necrotic Renaissance

How a middle aged human woman became the god-empress of death Zaria Zorne.... By getting friend-zoned


I was playing a kingdom building campaign with my little brother as my GM in which all the other players were living in a single town and not doing much, but me being me I asked "Why can't I go off and make my own kingdom?" he said " IDK Why?" and told me to come up with a kingdom, and he'd roll me an NPC Follower I got to name… I used a name gen "Seth Zul Greene" came up, aight now I have an anti-paladin (My PC was a Lawful Evil necromancer named Zaria Zorne) and 4 mooks. lets go raid some villages nearby and spread the word of me. So this village raiding continues until I have a monk, seth greene, a cleric(who views me as her goddess), a fighter named Gunter(he's important), a red-mantis assassin and his buddy from a futuristic plane, and 400 villagers who feverently follow me. I decide this plane of existence is for chumps and send out parties to find where the great leaders of this world came into our plane two weeks later inside a small city… Lets go sack it! Enroute the current horseman of war approaches me(I'm LVL 13 at this point) says he will help me for laughs, I devastate the city with a god on my side telling him I wish to soon be his sister, he offers me a lichdom. Me being the wise lady I am accept. Now I've been sent to the plane with another much older and more powerful lich who wishes to be the horseman of death, I give up on my dreams and strike a deal, I get to control all the planes of existence he get my help. He accepts cause it's funny. fast foward 3 years My Char is now the ruler of three of the four continents of this world, I get tired of the other liches laziness and find out the secret of Dread Lichdom, gunter is now a Dread Bloodknight, and he, gunter and the cleric turned divine lich become my phylcateries I use my necrotic powers to create an undead for mass producing unintelligent undead: The Corpse Mother, sorta like an input-output machine for skeletons. Big Lich daddy keeps rejecting my advances, I get angry so I form a truce with the heros of the lands to defeat him and in exchange I'll disappear for 500 years, they agree and release his daddy, oh and also at some point Gunter got abducted by an Ur-Sphynx, the Ur-Sphynx drops him off to help out, after a fairly short battle honestly Gunter helps defeat the baddy and we find out that War has been favoring the other Lich and he and Gunter fight. Gunter Wins! flash forward 800 years and my character has returned she has stayed fairly sane by conversing with her party who she helped turn into intellegent of some sort. we use necrotic energy to make computers and space travel, now Zaria is the Grand Empress of my brother's Starfinder campaign and all is well in the galaxies. my new character is a skeleton salesman for terraforming projects because with necromancy being so influential my Lil bro aggreed that the people would become acustomed to it and necromancy would be normalized and even beloved.

So remember NecroTech is always helping to "Raise Better Worlds." And Long live Zaria, Empress of a Million Stars!


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