The Kraken

(Or how we got trapped in a small middle of nowhere city for over 4 months irl)


This happened 15 years ago, maybe even more, so you'll forgive me if I don't remember every detal. We had a D&D 3.0 party, it was a Barbarian, a Druid (with a Strengh score of 4, weaker than a badger was the ongoing joke), a mage, a bard and me, a halfling rogue. The DM told me he really wanted to play, and that he was kind of tired of always being the DM, and since I was interested in starting DMing I made a deal with him, we would Dm the campaing together, every other week one of us would DM and the other would play, so he made a monk and each other character became "muted" when we were DMing. One sunday it was his time of DMing and I was to play but we all could tell he wasn't really into it. The result was a half assed story about a cult that worshiped water (there was a lake just by the city) and how they were trying to finish an evil ritual of some kind. We solved the plot and the final combat was at the ritual site were we had to stop the ritual to prevent the cult from summoning something we didn't know what was. I always had a way of breaking the rules and making it so the players would achieve sucess, it was my first experience DMing and I was a soft heart (that changed drasticly over the years), but for the other DM that was never the case, so we all knew if we didn't stop the ritual something BAD was going to happen. We fought all we had but in the end it still wasn't enough, the ritual was finished and it summoned a KRAKEN. Someone might correct me, but if I'm not mistaken the Kraken had a really high CR in 3.0, something like 17, maybe 20. We were level THREE, so the only thing we could do was run. We ran only to find out the city had been surrounded by a magic field that no one could leave. Basicly we were stuck there until we could kill the Kraken. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about urban adventures taking place in just one city until you reach high level, the thing was the city was very small, like 200 people small. There was no way we could keep "adventuring" inside that village until we reached enough levels to kill the Kraken and head out. The result was the barbarian became a Pit Fighter that quickly became the top fighter in the city, the bard became a popular artist even though everyone got robbed at his presentations ( by me, of course) and the weakest Druid in all of the forgotten realms and the mage, gods, the things they did. We tried to make it work and we kept playing that campaing for four months trying to think of ways of getting out of the city, but eventually the DM gave us all an Ex Machina way out when a very powerful NPC was strolling by and casually killed the Kraken and saved the town.
So I guess the whole point of the story is, be prepared to DM and be willing. 



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