The time my Pc killed his own son in law

My Pc kills his son in law after finding out he tried to kill my pc’s daughter.

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The time my character killed his son in law.

So this happened in a long campaign I played, we were playing a heavily home brewed 5e adventure and the dm had took bit of everyone back story to incorporate it into the campaign, however mine was a little bit harder due to the backstory of my character. My character was a home brew warlock class where he is a physical manifestation of part of his soul with his patron being the true being of himself, a godlike celestial space dragon. This was allowed him to observe other dimensions and aided hero when needed. 

So my dm asked me would my character had children in his home realm and I stated due to some history of my character, his wife would have had some children, but would have left him during a real bad time taking all of their children in her escape. my character had met two of the three children he had in games outside the campaign and has yet to meet the last. My dm took that and one of my party members want one of us in the group to be related to his character, my character being the best option. First session we all meet in a tavern where the pc that want to be related was setting up a plan to either persuade or overthrow his father to change the lives of the people and humanoid races that lived in the country.

 But first let me introduce the party, so names will be easy, I’m Samuel, my grandson “human” is Prince Robert the third or Robbie is a fighter, a orc barbarian Ta-thia, a Tabaxi rouge Shadow Dancer or Shade and finally a Elf ranger Green thumb. Robbie and the others had known each other in game for a long and were trying to figure out a plan to help give humanoid races citzenship, while my character had not spent a day in this world before getting involved with a this plan.

My character reasoning of joining the party was because of the treatments of humanoids like tabaxi, orcs, and other so called lesser races. They were treated like slaves and Samuel hated slavery with the passion, so he was willing to help. We talked about what we need to do and came up with the plan to become heroes of the land and use our reputation to persuade the king. 

We fought cult groups, bandits, and monsters till we were known throughout the lands as heroes, then we made our way back to Robbie’s father castle in the capital. All throughout the several months long campaign the dm had sprinkled hints of Samuel and Robbie’s connection, my pc came to the realization first after traveling for a bit he realized  Robbie kinda looked like him, then during a lore heavy session my character revealed to the party a little bit of his backstory and Robbie said his mother told him of a similar story of his grand father. 

Samuel dismissed that as being coincidence. This was small compared to what really cement the possible family connection of our characters was when Robbie told the party of the day his mother disappeared. He told them the day she disappeared was after a accident she had and was injured, but later that his father brought out a witch to be burn at the stake, more specifically a Kitsune Druid with three tails. and star speckled fur. My pc asked Robbie the name of his mother “From what I know Samuel, her name meant peace in the other language.” This fact made my pc had a lot of emotions but my party didn’t see except Ta-thia when she noticed my pc filled with rage, she pulled my character aside during her watch and asked Samuel what was wrong and Samuel told her everything about his life. 

That he was once human in a modern world like rl, but became a dragon when magic was introduced to his world this lead to his home world was destroyed to interracial war and him fighting for peace and managed to broker a treaty between humans and dragons, this lead him being a diplomat for both raced. From that the lord of dragon kind saw that Samuel was prefect candidate for the lord’s position and started to trian Samuel to be the next lord, this is how Samuel met his wife the future Empress of kitsune kind through arranged marrige to unite her people with his. This did not happen since on night his coronation, he was betrayed by another dragon and was possessed by them since they wanted the throne to lead another war to assert dragons as the master race. Samuel survived the coup but was a prisoner of his own mind as the other dragon possessed his body for a thousand years and Samuel eventual took back his body but had to deal with the other dragons soul inside him still. In the years after Samuel met two of his children and tried to right the wrong the other dragon done while searching for rest his of family. 

“Ta-thia when Robbie said that druid three tails and stars in her fur, there is a possiblity that she is my daughter. But when he said his mother’s name in that tongue, I knew that she is my daughter and the king attempted to kill her.” Ta-thia realized Samuel was the grandfather of Robbie and his father may have killed Samuel’s daughter, she agreed Samuel’s hate towards that king and not to tell the other this info, out of respect of Samuel for saving her life various times in the adventure.

Soon the party walked to the capital of Robbie’s country after stopping a lich’s plans and met with his father (think king Henry the 8th mentality but with a Chris Pratt body and treated humanoids like trash). Samuel didn’t show his emotions but the air was thick with tension as he greet king Robert the Second very respectfully, being a diplomat Samuel hoped for a peaceful, but that before the fact King Rob killed his daughter. 

Peace was no longer an option. 

The king had a feast to celebrate his son return and the heroic feat the party done but often put down Shade and Ta-thia efforts for improving Robbie’s reputation. When the feast was over and the guest had left. King Rob order the party to his throne room to question everything that happened and why did Robbie even went on this adventure. 

The party gave their reasoning of why and Robbie asking his father to consider treating the humanoids like citizens than slaves with all the good Shade and Ta-thia had done for the country, but king Rob replied with a cruel chuckle “You are just like your mother, a lesser being. You care for the lesser races, pitiful. ” dramatic pause “Son do you know why your mother disappeared on that faithful day I burned that witch?” Robbie looked confused and replied back “ No father I don’t it’s always been a mystery to me-“ King Rob shout “Because that witch was your mother, you and her are monsters among men, she hid her true form and she said she engaged with me to bring peace to these lands. To  help the monsters gain rights of that of men and elves, seeing you now and after here what you want makes me want to end you rig-“. “ Make a move king and the next thing you’ll see is my fist hitting you at Mach 25” Samuel replied coldly.

 The king looked in utter shock at the threat “You dare threaten me and what’s is Mach 25?” Samuel drew his weapons and walked towards the king. “You see I’m not from your world human. When I came into this world, I have not heard or thought of your son and you but as I had travelled with Prince Robert and heard his stories I soon realized one of my children lives in this world.” Samuel said as he paced in front of the king slowly not taking his eyes off of him “ Your wife told you of her father and mother choose her name since it meant peace in a togue that has not been heard here, right.” The king replied with concern in his eyes, “Yes, she did say that but how do you know this information.”

 Samuel replied with his voice slowly raising “Because when you have lived and  fought for as long as I have. Peace is precious, so my wife and I chose that name since we both fought for and want to have Peace. I’m Samuel Kingston lord of Dragons, Emperor of Kitsune kind had been looking for my family after another dragon stole my peace! Your wife was my daugther and you are my son in-law!! And you killed her!!!”

 The room echo as Samuel now stood before the king as a Very ancient dragon (Samuel’s  total age with before trans dimensional adventures was at 2700 years by that point he has stopped aging) “You have two option before you, step down from the throne so your son may rule or I kill you where you stand.” King Rob was white with fear and stuttering “ you you you are me ma my fa fa father in law”, the whole party at this point had given my pc space and were now all trying to figure out what to do since they never seen this side or form of Samuel when Robbie pleaded to Samuel, “Samuel please don’t kill father I beg of you have mercy on him” Samuel’s six eye shift over to his grandson, slight bit of shame crosses over his face as he shifts back into his human form “Forgive me, everyone as a dragon I can only had back my anger for so long” he looks to the party.

Thats when a sliver sword burst through Samuel’s side, “ You should have killed me then but you show weakness no wonder why you kin are weak!” King Rob said as he thursted the sword deep into Samuel. “Well forgive me for showing you mercy Robert” Samuel said through gritting teeth as his eye filled with fire, ” just know your son wanted you to live, I didn’t.” Samuel reverted back into a dragon and incinerated the king.

  The aftermath of this event sent wave through the country as the campaign went on as we tried to find Robbie’s mother who had survived the burning and kept the country from falling into a economic crisis / civil war, plus a lich’s attempt at killing the party. We succeeded in giving humanoids the rights as citizens and with Samuel’s help pushed the country toward modern technology to counteract the economic depression we caused. Plus Sameul teaching Robbie how to use the shapeshifting since he was not fully human. We eventually end the campaign with Robbie finding his mother and Samuel meeting his last child, tears were had and it was a very happy ending for a short time. Twenty years pass in game and Samuel bid his family and friends good bye as he still has work in other dimensions to take care of and the mission of finding his wife. 

All in all the campaign was fun and I enjoyed finding out I had a grandson in a place I didn’t expect it.

 Hoped you guys like this story. and I have more tales of Samuel if you want to read.


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