The time we saved a city from a frog


So last sesion are party and I turned a marilith into a frog. So the gurads were chaseing use but then we hoped on our dragon and flyed away and were fight the marilith because It had a portal to the abyass. And you can only kill a demon in the abyass so we talk for a hour to make a plan. but finely we made a plan so I casted burning hands on the wizard who used elemental abstorin  and to all the fire damge to his attack then the barbiarn/paildan use's two smits on his trun on his sword and bloodyed it then I stabed it through the heart and then we looted the weapons and  i'm chaotic netural the good charceters felt pain and miseriy when the pickup the sword but since i'm chaotic netural I didin't fell any thing. THE END


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