DnD Story – Traumas…

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Our party (me, human fighter, a halfling rogue, an elf ranger and a dwarf mage) was sent to invade a cave full of orcs, where we assumed it was happening a crazy ritual intended to release one of the many chains that locks the Mad God Tharizdun in hell, which one of the consequences were, cause a wave of madnass in a part of the world. 

The disasters started when we made up a plan to invade the cave, where i misunderstood part of it, went to kill the archers in a tower (where i was suposed to lure them to distract others to get in), almost died doing it but managed to do it. Of course reinforcements were called. Most of them died but i fell to my injuries and was being held hostage by the last orc. After a bad negociation (which costed me a finger), they were able to distract the orc for the rogue deal the killing blow. 

Now entering the cave, we were in a very narrow and long path with a balista pointed to us, and behind it, more orcs, throing bottles of greek fire (the one that doesnt go off with water, and doing it only makes it burn more. I was in the front line. Defending agains the (very poorly rolled) balista shots when i was hit by one of them. Meanwhile, our halfling had a bright idea. She would run for the balista to disarm it. Since she was behind, she would need to crawl throw our feet (She was not the light foot one). And me, well, i was kinda desperate because of the fire where i had the idea… of removing… my pants. Ripped them and right after, DM asked an intimidation roll. Rolled pretty high…Scared the orcs, sure… and specially, our halfing what was right below me when it happened…

Later on our adventures we managed to fight an Oni. On our first encounter with them, he target the halfling giving her nightmares… and of course her nighmares were about that awkward moment in the orc cave, leaving her traumathized forever…


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