DnD Story – Bovine Intervention

DISCLAIMER: Our entire DnD group is new to the game (including the DM) so some things may not have been done by the book.


During our first session in this campaign we were tasked with assisting a farmer in helping to save his wife as she was cursed. Long story short we successfully saved her and he gives us each 6 GP as a reward, but instead, I ask for one of his cows and the DM decides to let me have it. The cow has now become a HUGE part of the campaign thus far. No matter where we travel the cow is by my side. So, fast forward to our most recent session and our DM gives me a sheet with my cows stats on it. (We had no idea they had legitimate stats and attacks). During this session we get into a fight with a boss and I leave my cow in the door way so I can keep an eye on her and make sure she’s safe. During the boss’ turn he decides to pick up a rock and throw it at my cow. Of course his attack hits and my cow takes -5 HP damage. This caught me off guard and so when it was my turn I wanted to get revenge. So, I asked the DM if my cow could attack instead of me and she allowed it. Well my cow was 25 feet away (enough to qualify for the charge bonus if my ram attack was successful). The ram attack lands so I roll 3d6+3 and the cow does enough damage to finish off the boss. The entire group was laughing hysterically for the next 5 minutes. We could not believe the cow came in and wiped out the boss.


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