Accidental Boss fight

Stumble upon boss fight, bard poly morphs a demon into a chicken and tries to control a Drow demoness

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After finding a secret tunnel, Warlock sang "secret Tunnel" From Avatar the last airbender every time the party finds one, the party fought  through some dark elven assassins and came upon a chamber after the warlock accidentally kills the last Assassin. (party was trying to capture alive to find missing party members)
After the elf is killed by an eldridge blast the party arrives to see a female Drow/demon on a throne.            The dawrf and warlock taunt the Drow and the dwarf attacks her foot, the Drow responds with striking the dwarfs head and the dwarf is frightened.
After the monk fires two ki blasts which the Drow lady swats away she deflects a rocky eldridge blast realizing the warlock is a vessel for an enemy god named Grant or Grantterra.

She proceeds to summon a Draegloth and as it is summoned the monk strikes  3 nat 20 attack and rolls damage 24 with an adamantium Quarterstaff, dynamic entry style with a quarterstaff using the strikes to keep him in the air. Causing 24 damage

The Draegloth drops the monk and in response the bard polymorphs the Draegloth.

One armed battlemage looks at the bard and comments ,(voice of Zoidberg) "You turned it into a chicken. that's a pretty fowl move."

The demon lady teleports out and teleports the chicken as well. During the teleport the Bard tries to force the Drow to grovel and she just does necrotic damage while the Dwarf grabs a clump of hair braiding the drow hair into her own.

Warlock revives and heals monk to 29.

Party ended up finding the boss battle before finding missing NPC party members.


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