DnD Story #119 – Gnomesby, Duck Satan and Terror of Anityllion

What happens in a Custom DnD System, Chaos Mage, and a bored DM.

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Note: Custom dnd system was used to help allow more variety. The Chaos magic used by Gnomesby was only 1 spell and was agreed to be entirely based off roles and DM discretion. To activate, the gnome had to slap (Or have something hit him) and chaos would ensue.

Starts off with all the players meeting in a Tournament competing against each other. Had a Ranger, an Illusionist, a rogue, and a Chaos Mage. Game started out quite simple, starting out just how you would expect. Mediocre rolls, nothing too good but nothing horrid either. Comes later in the day, and the randomness begins, starting with a horse-race. Of course, the only gnome having a disadvantage due to being forced to use a mule, the gnome decided to get something better using chaos. Slaps the mule, which by a low role, lights the mule on fire, which does make it go faster, but ,in return… is on fire. Now with the gnome not being well attached, more chaos ensues.
To speed the story up, the race ended with the Gnome in First Place on a Flaming Hell Rhino, and a Picaso Dwarf.
Up comes The next (and final event), the Tournament. Again, to speed everything up story wise, The party gains a new companion named Lional (Who is an actual Battle-Lion), Sent to hell to attempt to fight off Satan in his pool, and an arena of made of a bouncy cancel.

To make things worse, after the tournament, the group begins the actual story, and are out of the starter/meetup area that was supposed to take only 15-30 minutes. At the end of the story, the group (Because of the gnome) was following underneath a gnome who destroyed an entire kingdom and created his own endless duck kingdom… aka. Gnomesby, The Duck Satan, Terror of Anityllion, and Controllor of the Darkness and Light. 


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