DnD Story #134


So we started off following the Storm King’s Thunder campaign but due to shenanigans and such, it forced our DM into a home brew, which fits because he’s highly creative.

So before going into this story, let me tell you about our party. I play a goliath barbarian who goes by Gnollslapper, a firehappy human sorcerer named Tana, woodelf druid named Yavana, ranger woodelf named Site, and a master of disguise rogue named Mithos.

So we were exploring a desolate island that was home of cultists of the god Bhaal to save Mithos daughter who was essentially sold to the cult. We were given sanity meters to determine our sanity and how insane we went Different actions we did would cause them to be removed such as stepping too far into the mist, etc. There were milestones as well, if you hit 12, one thing would happen, 9 another. It varied per character and the more you lost the less control you had on your character. Upon hitting zero you would have to turn your character sheet over to the DM and would be viewed as too insane to come back.

Well while exploring the island we come across a cave. After passing the traps and such, we enter a room with a pit in the center and a giant spider thing (she was referred to as Mandible Lady). Her thing was she was a screamer. When she could scream you would have to pass saving throws, otherwise you would lose sanity points. Object wasn’t to kill you completely, just make you lose control of your character. After a round or two and dropping to 9 sanity, my character says screw it and hops on her back, choking her to prevent her from screaming. After getting thrown off once, Gnollslapper hops back on, punches through the back of her neck and tears out her vocal chords. This does prevent the screaming. However, she decided to walk 40 ft down into the pit while Gnollslapper is hanging on for dear life. He eventually manages to climb out (with the help of 2 inspiration points) while the rest of my party is destroying her from the top of the pit and ends up falling 120′ to the bottom… activating a trap of spinning blades…

After clearing some mechanisms to get out of the room, we find a mutilated Mandible Lady standing there, slowing turning into the shape of a younger version of Mithos’ wife. She tried speaking to him…. but had no vocal chords to speak with. Eventually Mithos kills her to free her from Bhaal’s control.


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