DnD Story #145

By: C. Smith, A, MacKenzie - Bird, J. McDowell

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Jerganz was my half giant with a skewed sense of morals. To him any crime was punishable by death unless it was him or anyone he called friend. He began travelling with an Orc named Dasgi (also a PC) who was his only friend. Together they travelled to a port city where they stole a boat and encountered a warship from an island nation. Using a bunch of hidden cannons, alchemist fire and the ships own supply of gunpowder they sank it and shamed the captain. They proceeded to sail to the nation, and land in the capital. There they befriended the merchants before Jerganz came up with a plan. The king was away at war leaving only his family and a small dragon to guard his castle. Jerganz and Dasgi entered the castle and tricked the guards into thinking an enemy battalion was outside, when they left the locked the door behind them and ascended the tower. There they encountered the dragon and its guards. They killed the guards with ease, and decapitated the dragon. Then they approached the room of the royal family. Jerganz busted down the door and found that the queen and her children were cowering already. Dasgi killed the royal baby, and Jerganz imprisoned the rest of the family. He then declared himself king. He ruled for 6 months during which time he reformed the country, bolstered the navy, and when he was finally spirited away by a demon his last request was to have the castle destroyed. TL:DR, he arrived and was kind by the end of the day.


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