DnD Story #15

By: Keeghan Hendricks


Here’s a DND story for ya.  We were a level 3 party and we were made up of a gunslinger (me), alchemist, ninja and skald.  We were investigating the disappearance of a local child (10 years old) who happened to be the sheriff’s daughter.  After killing a doppelgänger, and discovering a dead mad scientist, we found her but she was turned into a vampire.  My characters back story involved him not being able to say goodbye to his parents, so I asked the party if we could bring the sheriff to see his daughter for a final goodbye. Everyone except the skald agreed and the alchemist and I left to get the sheriff.  While we were gone the skald tried to kill the child and almost killed the ninja (who tried to defend the child from the skald).  The alchemist and I were walking back with the sheriff to our campsite when we saw the skald, ninja and child running towards us.  The sheriff hugged his daughter, and after a sweet embrace, the skald admitted to attempting to kill the child.  The sheriff took his pistol out and shot the skald thus wounding him.  The child tried to run away and I tried to grab her which led to her jumping on me and biting my neck.  She then slips off of me and feeling really frustrated after trying to do something nice for her, I tell the DM “I point my musket point blank her face and pull the trigger.”  I roll to hit and got a natural 20…wasn’t expecting that.  I did 32 points of damage to the vampire child and the dm describes in vivid detail how I essentially just caused the child’s head to explode in a shower of brain matter and skull fragments… then the alchemist staked the child’s body with a sharp stick…we didn’t really feel like heroes after that.


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