DnD Story #177 – First Campaign


I was playing with a party group of 6 players and we just finished a mission and we are on our way to a castle. As we march on our party was attacked by giant pelicans and me a (Half Elf Druid) and the rest of the group (A Gnome bard, Human Monk, Dragonborn Paladin, and Elf Ranger) are battling these beast.

Our Bard gets pick up by a pelican and in danger of being swallowed; so the bird takes flight and clears about 30 feet in the air I (the druid) use misty step to get on top of the bird rolls a success to stay on top of said bird.

Now I am trying to stay alive and trying to rescue the bard, well the bard gets out of the pelican with no damage -__- leaving me in the air about 60 feet alone with the beast so i stab the pelican in the head and kill it.

Now the pelican is dead and plummeting for the ground I roll a D20 to stay onto the bird and as I do I cast Sacred Flame and bust out a guitar solo midflight and Rolled the D20 and bam Nat 20 the DM was speechless and after crash landing he made the Pelican exploded and me (Druid) walking away without turning back.

And that concludes my first and many adventures of D&D.

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