DnD Story #228 – King of Feathers

party decided to ambush said beast


My rogue and my ranger stealth up to the area to investigate what created these gigantic claw marks, huge colorful feathers, and the dwarf size pile of dung. The beast smells one coming and runs up a bites the ranger grappling it in the mouth. Knocking the ranger unconscious it is easy for this beast to swallow him. The beast can not detect the rogue halfling as it escapes back to the rest of the party. 

After long deliberation the rest of the party decided to ambush said beast. The druid tries to slow the beast but it has automatic save. The rogue takes a stab and only does a small chunk of damage. The paladin uses all of its abilities to harm the beast but to no prevail. The barbarian goes into a rage and starts swinging away. The beast focuses its attack on the paladin. Able to bite down on the paladin knocking him unconscious. The rogue and the druid see this and make a hasty escape. The druid turns into a flying squirrel and leaps away from their elevated position. The rogue goes stealth and flees. The barbarian knowing it cannot run away fast enough fights on hoping the rest of the party can flee. The barbarian and the beast trading blows back and forth. The strength of the barbarian keeping himself out of the beasts mouth. After whats seems to be hours of fight the barbarian takes a final blow to take down this legendary gigantic beast. Cutting upon its stomach to free his friends. His friends have passed though. The barbarian seems alone and yells out in distraught.  

The barbarian was awarded 2 levels for soloing The King of Feathers, a legendary T Rex.


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