DnD Story #249 – Mind the Gap

How we lost 4/5ths of our team in the span of 5 minutes


So my team is a High-elf Ranger (me), Wood-elf rogue (Lee), Dragonborn fighter (Gerroth I), Dwarf Cleric (Danny DeVito), and a Gnome warlock (Frankie Silvers). We're doing some cave campaign, and we're charging through with very few problems. We eventually hit a platform with a mud-bridge connecting to another platform. There are two enemies on the other side (an archer and an axe-throwing guy). We kill them, and begin to cross the bridge. Every 5 feet, we make a Dex save. Everyone but Danny and Frankie cross (Frankie stayed a far ways back). Denny goes to cross, and rolls low. He falls off and barely catches the edge. I run over and attempt to help him up. I succeed on every Dex save, but the last, nat 1. I make a Str save to catch myself and Danny. Now Danny is hanging from the ledge, and I'm hanging from him. My next turn is spent climbing up Danny, succeeding the Str save. I'm now on top of Danny, and he has to make a Str save to hang on, he fails and falls. I make a Str save to grab the edge, fail, and fall. Garroth I has adhd, so he doesn't plan things out and our DM takes his words exactly as they're said. "I'm gonna jump down and catch them." "Okay, Athletics check." He succeeds the check, and catches us. But all he does is catch us in mid-air, still falling. He says he has a grappling hook, but the DM says that he should've led with that. We all fall to our deaths. Our DM did give us a shred of hope, however. He rolls fall damage. 16 d6. I could've survived, had they all been 1's and a few twos. Nope. We all took 56 damage. We go make backup characters while Frankie crosses. First step: nat 1. He dies too. Lee has been a bit lackluster this entire time, often forgetting his sneak attack ability. He continues alone while us 4 make new characters. He solos multiple enemies and a miniboss, taking only 9 damage during the entire fight. We're going to use hooks and rope to go down to our bodies and collect our stuff. Our new team is High-elf Paladin (me), High-elf Witch (Lia), Tiefling Warlock (Frankie), and Half-Orc Barbarian (Garroth II). Our DM just smiles the entire time.


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