DnD Story #54 – A Troll and a Maze

I was sweating out of my arse in anxiety over exactly what I was about to do. Now, mind you, it was not the DUMBEST thing I've done...

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We were playing Tomb of Annihilation in Adventurer's League. I had a level 4 Bard who had just recently learned Suggestion (Wisdom save, target is bound to your reasonable request on a fail). We had recently had an encounter with a bunch of xenophobic lobsters, and I forgot I had it that time. 

Oh well, XP is XP. But I was determined to SOMEHOW use this new spell. I didn't want it to go to waste, being the guy whose specialty is supposed to be screwing with people's heads.

We came to this statue of the maze god, which had a finger maze built into it. I forgot his name, but we all knew that good things were supposed to come that those who solves his mazes. Our barbarian wanted to take a crack at this. This was both a blessing and a curse, as the barbarian was the tankiest of our characters and could take most of the hits. Unfortunately, he also wasn't the best at investigation, which we needed to solve the maze. He failed the checks, and when he hit a dead end his finger began to glow.

He and everyone within ten feet of him (including me) was hit with a Shatter spell. The maze had Glyphs of Warding on it, as the DM told us. Our ranger took a closer look at it and found more Glyphs. Naturally, he didn't want to touch the thing after it took out half of our Barbarian's health.  

But the Shatter spell also did something else: attracting a two-headed troll to our position. We rolled initiative and tried, to the best of our ability, to hit it with fire, acid or enough damage to knock it down so that it couldn't regenerate. 

It was about a round into combat when I had an idea. When it came to my turn, I told everyone within ten feet of the maze to get the hell out of there. They complied, wondering exactly what I was planning. 

I was sweating out of my arse in anxiety over exactly what I was about to do. Now, mind you, it was not the DUMBEST thing I've done, but it sure as hell was one of the riskier ones.

On my next turn, I cast Suggestion on the troll.

My dumb arse, after trying to intimidate a goblin, forgot some people didn't speak Common, but the DM failed the save and let it slide this time around. I told the troll to trace the maze with his finger and hit every dead end possible. At this point, the party quickly realized what I was doing. 

Since this seemed harmless enough to someone who didn't know about the Glyphs, and was in fact worded in a way that it was just a weird request, the troll, puzzled, complied. He walked past our barbarian, whom I frantically signalled to not make an opportunity attack. The barbarian didn't, letting the troll pass. I breathed an internal sigh of relief, but this thing wasn't quite over yet.

The troll started to trace the maze, rolling for investigation.

The DM rolled a natural 1. The troll's finger began to glow and he was engulfed in explosive flame. Whatever spell was in that Glyph killed the troll outright. 

At that point, everyone in the party was going nuts while I was laughing my ass off. It worked! It actually worked! I asked if I could have inspiration for that, because I'd been hoping to get some for nine sessions. The DM gladly gave it to me for the creative use of a spell. 

I had my inspiration, the troll was dead, and everyone was happy, even if we didn't bother solving that damn maze.


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