DnD Story #52

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This might be a bit long but here’s my D&D story. After a long and grueling adventure through a lich’s lair having lost a ranger to an orb of destruction, a paladin turned fighter (not by choice) then was vaporized/left in a pile of dust, and a wizard that had the soul sucked out her. Me being a cleric this was all just one swift kick to the nuts after another for my pride. We had finally routed the lich and destroyed its phylactery. After finding a back exit behind the lich throne, the party was lead outside to a swampy area with a lone stone tower that tilted slightly. We were supposed to report to the king that the lich was dead but being the adventurers were we decided to check it out real quick as it was along the way back anyways. Going up the spiral staircase single file, we were met with a small hoard of gold with a young/wyrmling black dragon resting on top of it. With the noise we were making, the dragon simply lifted its head and caught the whole party with its acid breath. Multiple people failed their breath weapon saves (yeah, I’m talking D&D 2.5) including myself where we lost a lot of our individual equipment. In a fit of rage, the party quickly killed it, flayed it, dismembered, etc etc. The barbarian in our party managed to chop the head and keep it intact for use later. As soon as we leave the tower, here comes mama bear as a great wyrm black dragon. Seeing it’s only child dead with its head in our hands it get super P/O and dives at us. Acting quickly I use my cube of force to create a bubble shield for the party as the dragon makes multiple sweeps with its acid breath. With the time ticking, the party is trying to figure something out. I managed to pull together a plan of luring the dragon that was just crazy enough to work just right or all in horror. I hand the cube of force off to someone else and dash off in one direction. Luckily it worked on luring the dragon to me and quickly caught up to me. In the last second before it was about to bite me, I used the spell “Harm” on it. By a stroke of luck from the D&D gods the dragon failed its spell save by 1, dropping it from its high and mighty stature to 2 HP. With that, the barbarian simply stepped out of the bubble shield with his bow and launched a simple arrow to take it down.


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