DnD Story #69

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This was from when I first started playing DnD, so i was playing a wizard at the time. Summoned a horde of monstrous insects and had them fetch me a fork, came back with one made of solid gold and dubbed it the Fork of Truth, tried to get it inscribed but it was too powerful for the inscriber, it can only be inscribed by a god. using an upside-down bucket as a base for a severed crystal spider head and several un-refined crystals I was able to summon a demonic imp, with which i sparred with his pitchfork and my Fork of Truth, in the end, I was the victor, sadly it died before i was able to bind it to my will. i compensated by eating its body. I was also a key player in the final boss fight. I'm not the most powerful but i am resourceful. a monstrous 4 legged undead beast thought to make me easy prey, i responded by dousing it in lantern oil and setting it on fire, followed up by setting a bucket over its head so it couldn't see, making it useless while everyone killed the other monster. while this was going on i was seducing one of the bosses best subordinates, she was an undead that was bound to the bosses will. managed to get through to her and the party broke the hold the boss had over them, earning my character an undead girlfriend, Black Rose. Then i got to try my hand at interrogation, played the role of bad cop. I threatened to use the Fork of Truth to gouge out his eyes. before i could the other character playing good cop won and we gained a temporary Allie to help us escape. my thoughts now rest on when we meet him again, he will have both eyes and may be formidable.


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