DnD Story #70

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It's my first time playing and all my friends were long time players. I decided I wanted to have fun with it so I created a very old senile half elf female monk. She looked like this frail old crazy woman but she's a monk and kicked ass when she wasn't being crazy looking for her cat that may or may not actually be there.
Anyway, I and the rest of the party are bartering passage on a ship. Turns out there was a person of interest on the ship so we try to meet her. She's a young girl and we didn't know it at the time but royalty and very great potential ally. Well, our rogue was an ass with a horrible habit of throwing shurikens in the throats of everyone we meet. He immediately throws shurikens at this girl. But according to the dm I had a feeling about her, so I had an attack of opportunity so I try to save her and try to parry the shuriken with my walking stick. Well, I roll a nat1 my first nat1 all game. I end up tripping over my saggy breast tumbling and face plant right in the path of the shuriken which strikes me in the ass. So I'm pretty mad at this point. He got a crit hit so that along with the face plant and a battle we'd had before getting on the ship I was in pretty bad shape. But I stood up pulled the shuriken out of my ass and decide I'm going to pay him back. I only want to hurt him maybe damage his shuriken throwing hand so I voice this as I make the roll to throw. Well I Nat 20 crit hit and he nat1 fails his save and my shuriken ends up striking his neck. Ironic right? Well he stumbles back and falls overboard. So our rogue is bobbing up and down in the water bleeding out, I'm too injured to jump in and save him, the dwarf can't swim and the wizard hates the rogue and refuses to help. So we end up leaving him to die. I accidentally killed the rogue, but my brave and selfless action of taking a shuriken in the ass to save what we found out then was royalty I also got our team rewarded with a powerful ally. So it all worked out in the end.


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