DnD Story: Die Rolls Fan


Group of friends and I have been fighting a pack of blink dogs for about two in game hours (3 days irl) killed two of them only 2 left, the group consisting of me (teifling) paladin oathbreaker, a teifling monk, human bard, and a half elf sorcerer

Due to blink dogs being able to dodge magic missle he is literally huddled up pissing himself for the entirety of the fight (kept rolling like 3’s for con checks)

One of the blink dogs rolls to hit on my paladin, nat 1

He rolls over in front of me acting like he wants me to pet his chest so I ask to tame the dog, DM says “Roll a 20 and he’s yours and I’ll give you proficiency in Animal Handling”

*keeps eye contact the whole time the die is rolling*


So the dog I was fighting is now my ally so I start to get the charred pack leaders skull out of my calf (was burned there from a smite crit I rolled earlier) now that I tamed a blink dog and there was still one more the rest of the group while still being attacked try to roll to tame

After 5 minutes of watching them roll to tame and our bard living with 1hp left I decide “I want that dog too”

*rolls die jokingly after stating I want that dog too*


Pissed off everyone around the table cause now I have two blink dogs

Took the sorcerer 2 in game weeks to not piss himself in combat cause of the dogs

Fucking die rolls man



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