DnD Story: The Ditch


The battle of the ditch, may it live in infamy.

So this actually harkens back to one of my first campaigns I played in. We were a party of three, a Warlock, Paladin, and Druid.

As we traversed a wooded road in goblin territory we came across a ditch that was running straight down the middle of the path. Our druid, in his infinite wisdom proceeded to poke the bottom of the ditch with a tree branch. Our DM, of course, made him roll for this action which resulted in our druid falling into the ditch. It was at this point that we discovered the bottom was made of quicksand.

So now I, the Warlock, ran to the side of the ditch and tried to pull the druid out, only to fail and fall in as well. It was left to our trusty Paladin to pull us to safety… luckily he tied himself to a tree with some rope first because he fell in too.

Fast forward another 20 minutes of trying to piggyback our way out, we finally managed to free ourselves from the cliche trap.

Never trust a ditch.


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