How a use of Divine Intervention, a Ring of Wishes, and Sending saved my team from a TPK and gave our cleric the time to shine

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So this story is for a currently going campaign and I’m gonna have to give some small exposition to explain some stuff. For this DnD 5e campaign I am playing Jostrum Prolum (Or Jojo for short) who is a Masked Hero, think of a paladin but with some more defensive abilities instead of smites and heals. There was also Twister the Air-Genasi Divine Soul Sorcerer, Ryuga who is also another Masked Hero, and finally, there is Lu’nar (Pronounced Loo Nar) the Half-Orc Forge Cleric who was a follower of Gond. I should also mention we all had businesses. Specifically, I have a research center for the items that give me and Rygua our ability to transform into a masked hero (They’re sentient artifacts but that’s a story for another time), Twister owns a bar and of course, Lu’nar owns wouldn’t you know it, a forge. Now, this takes place when we were around level 11-12, and at the time we met Lu’nar’s brother at the Half-Orc’s forge who of course has a reunion with his brother but also came to tell him that his old home, a forge that was inside of an inactive volcano, was starting to no longer be inactive and that he needed to head home to help. Of course, the group was more than happy to help but it was a little tricky to get there due to some political matters as it was in another country but we were able to get away in legally due to our high status as adventurers and due to a sponsorship with the leaders of the country. Anyways we were off with our team, Lu’nar’s bro and my head researcher and high leveled wizard Willow (She came along due to there being another Masked Hero in the country who we needed to meet) to his home. Eventually, we did meet the other Masked Hero who was a tiefling named Genesis and then made it to Lu’nar’s old home. When we did we immediately noticed the heat around the area and realized that it could go at any moment and once we reached the actual forge we got to meet Lu’nar’s whole family who welcomed us and told us the basic rundown. The Volcano was inactive and that the forge they lived in was blessed by Gond and they wanted us to go further down to figure out why it was becoming active. We through some magic figured out it was a magic item of some kind. We then were given a Hero’s feast (Not the greatest sign when your DM gives you that for free) and Willow was able to make some special fire immunity potions. So we then went down into the volcano and discovered some Fire Elementals and what not. However, as we kept preceding further down we discovered that they were only minions to someone much stronger. After getting kinda tired we decided to use Tiny Hut to give ourselves a bit of a break. Not even 30 minutes later we hear a voice go “How dare you to come into my domain and think you can just rest here” and the hut dispels. We then see the one who was talking to us, an Adult female Red Dragon known as Ozerith. She was acting as red dragons usually do, AKA like a bitch, and was kinda just getting annoying and Lu’nar decided that she shouldn’t be allowed into her lair and shot her. Time to roll initiative. I went down twice and we used alot of our resources and we all eventually drank our Fireproof potions which made the fight slightly easier. Oh did also forget to add that she also had LEVELS IN SORCERER AND CLERIC?!? Eventually, she decided to run away and we needed to lick our wounds. It then was Lu’nar’s turn and he decided to try to get Divine Intervention off. Now for those who don’t know, Divine Intervention is SUPER hard to pull off. You gotta roll a d100 and get below your level unless your level 20 but it basically can be a trump card that can change everything if you pull it off. Needless to say, he was really lucky, as he rolled a 6 and we all shouted in cheer as the DM took several minutes trying to figure out what would happen. He decided that we would teleport to the entrance of her nest cutting her off.  Then my turn came about and I decided to use a magic item that we had from a former player who left but the DM gave it to us as long as it only had one charge left: a ring of three wishes. I had to think hard about what to use it with. I of course could have done something like wish for her death or something but I wanted to make things simple but also change the entire battle so I used a spell that I love for its use: Tsunami. Needless to say, she was stuck in a large pool of water for a while in which Twister asked the DM “what happens if a lightning spell is cast at someone in the water?” and he just said without realizing his idea “Oh they’ll have a vulnerability and the damage would spread about 5 feet”. We then began to pelt the Red Bitch with our lightning spells like Witch Bolt and Lightning Arrow getting her very close to death. Eventually, though she was able to escape to her nest using lava as cover and some teleportation magic. When she did however we also caught up to her and she began to have this speech as she had the item causing the Volcano to become more active in her hands. A powerful Artifact is known as the Creation Orb of Fire. Now to put it bluntly this is an artifact that basically represented fire itself and we also knew and had experienced first hand what these orbs can do so we got rather worried. However, Twister remembered that we knew someone who was looking for the creation of orbs and had some very powerful monsters to get them. So he decided as she was speaking her grandiose super villain speech he subtle spelled sending to the guy who was looking for them and told him the situation. Moments later a giant Marut shows up and starts asking her for the orb. Epic Kaiju battle ensues. Eventually, she throws it in the volcano and uses Time Stop to leave swearing her vengeance and all that. The more pressing issue was that due to the Orb of Fire sinking into the Lava… Magma? The volcano was going to erupt, taking us all out. It was then Lu’nar heard a voice from Gond. “Jump,” he said and Lu’nar began to walk into the lava. He then perished. Lu’nar then woke up in a dark void and next to him was an Anvil, colored a vibrant blue, and the Orb of Fire. He at first tried to destroy it but Gond told him that this was not the reason he brought him here. He then told the Half-Orc “It’s time for you to make your weapon. Use this orb to do so”. He then took his Mace, the one he started with, and the one he made himself and began to use the orb to recreate it. “Roll a d100 for me” the DM stated and he did so and rolled a 56 or something like that. “Roll again” 87. “Again”. This kept going as the DM describes as Lu’nar begins to work on it until it was perfect IE rolling a 98-100. Eventually, he hits 98 and the DM tells him that it is complete. What he made was a blue mace that was created out of his very soul. A mace created by his very desire to protect others. This mace was now known as the Mace of Protection. Giving Lunar an AC boost and allowing him to reduce his AC by 10 (His AC is at this point in the 30s) but allowing him to cast Holy Aura. Meanwhile, we sat and saw our friend walk into lava and die so naturally we were very upset. However, we then saw him rise out of the lava unscathed with the Orb of Fire in his left hand and on the right the Mace of Protection. And that is how the use of Divine Intervention, a Ring of Wishes, and Sending saved my team from a TPK and gave our cleric the time to shine giving him a unique weapon.


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