A Lot of Badass Kills & Midgit Gnome Shining the Most


My group made something called "The Badass Kill of The Week Award" because of all the badass kills we keep on getting. How it works, pretty self-explainitory: you get a badass kill, you get the award.

A few sessions ago, badass kills were practically being gotten left & right by the majority of my group. We were having to deal with wave after wave of undead at the time due to something our DM's other party did, which caught the attention of the litch. Now me, being a wizard, I need my sleep to be fully charged & more than helpful. So does our barbarian.

We did not appreciate being woken up by a wave of ghouls. Ensue battle. First badass kill: I use Witch's Bolt to LITERALLY pop a ghoul. And later on in the battle, I do that to a second ghoul, same spell. Nat 20s loved me on both kills. Our barbarian beheads 2 ghouls at once all medieval style & our female elven ranger uses her rapier to slice a ghoul in half, hotdog style. 

I was the one to get "The Badass Kill of The Week Award" between the three of us & had a pretty solid grip on it. But the badass kills don't stop there, oh no.  The next night, we were faced with 4 skeletons, each riding a skeleton war horse. Basically a skeletal version of the 4 horsemen of the apocalpse. First badass kill of this battle: Our half-orc cleric stomps his foot on the ground, using Shatter on 2 of the skeletons, making them poof into a fine white powder. Towards the end of the battle, our next badass kill. I decide to go after the skele-horse the last skeleton is riding using my favored spell, Witch's Bolt. Nat 20, high damage. Skele-horse stumbles & falls. And the skeleton & skele-horse are turned into a fine white powder. I now have an iron grip on "The Badass Kill of The Week Award". Our battle finished with a badass kill from our male elven ranger turning the third skele-horse into a fine white powder & a final badass kill from our elven rouge. Who turned the last skele-horse into bonemill as she killed it from behind.

Badass kills loved us & our gnome rouge was the only one left without a badass kill that session. Nat 20s & high damage rolls loved me all through out the session. And since we've been meeting every 3 weeks recently due to some stuff our DM & barbarian having to deal with, this was a little before my birthday, so I'm calling this a bit of birthday luck. My little gremlin boi, Snas, really got to shine in that session & show of how awesome a wizard he is & can pack a punch despite being a midgit gnome



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