How my friend defeated a youth sucking succubus in one punch

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I was a bit of a noob when it came to being a DM, but I got the job done when I homebrewed a 5e campaign called "The Tyranny of the Grengor (Pronounced Grain-gore) King". The players were as followed: Chance, a Tiefling Monk; Narzan, an Aarakocran Cleric; Dell, a Human Rogue; Derrun (Dare-oon), a Human Wizard; and Ishall, an Elven Barbarian. Each character was level 5, and it was a blast. The campaign starts of with the party fighting four men in black armor, who were spotted raiding the town of gold. Fast forward to after the fight, where only one black guardsman was only badly wounded. Chance walked up to him and asked in a calm, but stern voice "Who sent you?"

The guardsman slowly explained that he was sent by the king of Grengor to collect the town's gold before passing out due to blood loss. After some high History checks, they knew something was amiss since the king only cared more about his people than his fortune. Soon after that, a commoner named Nigel walked up to the party. "I'm sorry to barge in, but I happen to overhear him mention Grengor, and I just happen to have a map to help you get there." he said. At first, they were a little concered, but I (as Nigel) told them that they are welcome to come to his shop, so that he may show it to them. They agreed and walk with him to his shop. After some shopping, he shows them the map of the path to Grengor. Before the party could leave, Nigel pointed out a very important detail. "Whatever you do, always be aware of…" He looks from side to side before leaning towards them and whispers "The Singer…"

All of them were confused until Ishall asked him who The Singer was. His response was a bit discriptive. "The Singer is a fiendish creature who lures men into her lair with her hypnotic song, and drain the youth right out of them. If you want to make it to Grengor, I suggest you move during the day, or try your best to stop her for good." All the players were both intrigued and concerned, but they were hooked. Fast forward to halfway up the path, after fighting a few bugbears, a couple of feral wolves, and the odd kobold, everyone was close to leveling up. It was almost dark in-game time, and the players had to take a long rest, so they could heal up and restock their spells.

Chance (taking the first night shift) began to hear singing, and decided to either stay and just listen or walk to where it's coming from. At that point, he didn't have a choice as he, along with the other party members, were in a sort of trance as they were pulled in by the singing. Ishall, being an Elf, wasn't tranced and decided to snap at least one of the other characters. Ishall decided to go for Derrun, and had to roll a check. 18. After breaking out of the trance, Derrun and the other players see the origin of the singing.

They look to see a beautiful blonde girl sitting on a large rock while singing towards the moon. After a high Arcana and Investigation check, Derrun found out that the girl was using both an illusion and enchantment spell. Derrun casted dispel magic, revaling the girl's true colors. As the rest of the players broke free of the trnace, the party looked to see a succubus sitting on top of a pile of decaying bodies. "The Singer!" Narzan shouted, as they all brought out their weapons. Roll initiative. I can't remember the exact order, but I do know that The Singer was after Dell. A few hits and stabs later, and The Singer was at half health. That's when Narzan had an idea.

Being a Cleric, he can cast Inflict Wounds at any level, so he ran up to The Singer and pimp slapped her while casting a 3rd level Inflict Wounds to which he rolls. Nat 20. And since he casted the spell at 3rd level, he got to roll 5d10. I wasn't sure how much he rolled, but I was sure it was high enough to get her good. That's when I explained, "As you slapped her, she suddenly exploded in nothing but blood and guts, but luckily, none of it got onto your armor." We all laughed about it, and still talk about it to this day. After that, we had to come to a stop as everyone had to leave, ready for next time. After a couple days, the player who played Narzan (Daniel) showed me a clip of One Punch Man, where Saitama the same thing to Mosquito Girl, to which he said "When Narzan casts 3rd level Inflict Wounds on The Singer".We both had a bit of a laugh and continued our day. All in all, we all had lots of fun, and I hope to do something like that again as I'm currently working on another campaign. Maybe I should bring The Singer back.


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