How the Broken Brigade nearly ruined my relationship

My girlfriend learns how hard it is too DM when she allows her players to go nuts with their build for a high level one-shot


Relationships are tricky, either you share a previously known bond, or you create one, many a relationship (OK maybe 3) has been destroyed (luckily for the better) because of DM/partner. Either as a DM who won’t spoil a player, or I find out the dm and ex-girlfriend were hooking up outside of the game.  My most recent thought is when my girlfriend, who was still new to D&D, got bored of the story since we were running Curse of Strahd at the time. So as the DM I said ok how about we take a week off, which was good because it meant I could focus on school and we would face Strahd for the final time on Halloween, but she insisted she DMs a high-level one-shot since it will be fun and easy, which was cool because since she was very imaginative and was an amazing actor, it also meant I could play for once, Especially with a build, I wanted to experiment with (rogue, eldritch knight, war domain cleric to Corellon – she even allowed me to pick up wizard spells since he was the god of magic and she took from me the idea of roleplay overwritten rules if it makes sense thematically). A week later while looking over my build, since it was a surprise, low and behold she says the build is broken and ruined her game since she wanted to run a critical role themed adventure after a discussion or three I switched all my wizard spells to cleric spells since wisdom was my main spellcasting ability at 20 and intelligence at 19. Everyone arrives all smiling deviously since she allowed them to build anything, with loot and equipment galore (I could already feel the internal facepalms). Our party now infamously named ‘the broken brigade’ consisted of a human eldritch knight (lv 10), war domain cleric (lv.6) rogue (lv.4) nicknamed the ‘Theurge Templar’ (me), a warforged coffee-lock (Warlock lv3 the rest sorcerer), a half-elf known as The Pious Inquisitor (lv 12 paladin of devotion and lv. 8 sword bard) and finally the unkillable (half-orc, oath of conquest paladin lv 5, zealot barbarian lv 4 and champion fighter lv 11). Starting off in Whitestone to deal with some strange disappearances, the broken brigade one-shotted most of her encounters and with some very lucky roles essentially skipped most of the filler, I could see her panic and texted me what to do, I called break after dealing with some undead centaurs she excused herself. During the break, I asked everyone to change up their builds or leave the more broken equipment behind, after a few glares and pouts they saw what I was doing and changed their minds. When I went to go see her, she wouldn't come out of her room and asked everyone to leave, they all left confused, I lied and said she wasn’t feeling well. I was left with a locked door in my face and forced to sleep outside her door. We talked it out the following morning and we separated since she felt we hadn’t been fair, and I do feel the players and myself were to blame even though she saw no fault in her actions in allowing crazy builds and saying the DM job was easy. This was awkward since we shared a house. We are back together after reconciling as well as some DM lessons from a more skilled DM and close friend she occasionally DMs for us. The broken brigade would go on to be villains, without most of their high-level equipment, in our more recent adventures.



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