How the Dungeon Master killed me off

The worst session I have ever played.

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okay so a bunch of my close friends who I’ve been playing with for quiet sometime have slowly expanded from 5e to homebrew games and the Star wars TTRPG. however, today I will be talkimg about the DnD 5e oneshot we had playing as our selves. I was a level 17 Lore Bard with a staggering 30 Charisma (the DM had just said that I had that number). We had an Arcane Trickster Rogue16/1Barbarian who I will call Doug and a level 17 Open Hand Monk who will be referred to as Red. It was a dungeon delver type of game and we got through everything fairly quickly and through some very lucky DC 30 Wisdom saving throughs from the Red and I we manged to drag Doug and slowly make it through to the final boss fight, the session by that point had been a mixed bag because of the following reasons:

1. DM fudged rolls infront our eyes (No DM screen, showed us all of his rolls and just said that they got a 40 when he rolled a nat one)

2. bent rules so I wasnt able to cast spells because he made his homebrew monster just dispel all of my spells even though he had used all of his actions and reactions to try and stop it. 

3. he frequently added things we weren’t comfortable with such as slaverey and racisim. 

Anyway, getting back to the story we were facing the BBEG, my first action was to caste Haste and have it effect both Doug and Red. the fight goes on we made all of our saves and checks and the final moment comes down to it we were down a Ranger (he wasn’t able to attend) and a BloodHunter (DM) I break Concentration on Haste giving Fatigue to Doug and Red. I use my one and only 9th level spell slot to cast Bigby’s Hand and with one Natural 20 and almost rolling max on 24 D8 the best was slain and we made it to the top and the DM turned and said to me ‘You feel a pain in your chest’ I didn’t think of it and he said we levelled up to 18 and I learnt Wish and True Ressurrection since I already had Revivify and Reincarnate. I cast wish and say that I wish to rid of this pain and he said it didn’t do anything and then I cast all of the healing spells on me even going so far as to ask what spells the ranger and has and using all his healing spells and and divine Magics and stuff like and I couldn’t do anything he said I died and that the BBEG ressurrected me and turned into a Bernaloth (The thing we fought) and killed everyone. ‘Even the party?’ Doug asked and as rhe Dm got up and started moving everthing he said ‘Yep.’ and then I stayed quiet and Doug, Red and the DM had a verbal conflict and he just went off at us screaming how we are ungreatful, we don’t respect his story, we shouldve just went along with it. and let’s just say the Car ride home with the DM and Red was..Akward now at this current moment I don’t know if I’ll continue playing DnD with these guys it feels like all of his characters target mine and stuff like that. So honestly, I think I’m just gonna leave it here and if it gets anyworse I’ll just have to keep making stories and maybe one day he will hopefully see it and change. 


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