How to make “pizza delivery” in your game is completely different.

Since when has the church been engaged in server delivery services?


The game was in text chat format. Translation from Russian through Google with correction.
The setting was a science fiction cross between a cowboy Bebop and Mass Effect. A group of newcomer mercenaries became interested in the “order” with an intriguing name. “The birth of God.” The description was extremely scarce. “A group of mercenaries is required to accompany a group of pilgrims to the sacred land. Details in person.”
When the group was assembled, the game began. They were met at the spaceport by one of the close ones, ahem, of his “First Quantism, Lunar Cyber Pope”, or easier Zunker Markowski. After they rode a bus rented for this sect. Once at the Pope himself, he began a briefing. The task was simple: deliver a server to a dead hive city to an unknown recipient. One of the players, in his thoughts, asked the question: “Since when has the church been engaged in server delivery services?” At the end of the briefing, the players had time to ask their questions.
Then the question was asked, it was a former military man: “And how do we know the recipient of the server?”. Then that part of the character noticed something was wrong. Cyber Pope just answered: “He will find you. You only need to get to the middle levels of the hive city.”
The rest had no questions, so they went to the underground parking lot. There, mercenaries were met by two colorful characters: a giant racist beetle and a cyborg man.
Sitting in the truck, standing next to a couple of NPCs, the team went on a mission. The beetle complained about the terrible view of the mountain, into which they delivered the server. He did not like the mountain so much that he even suggested that Markowski simply wants to blow it up.
A couple of mercenaries reacted to this, but the rest sat with a poker face. Upon reaching the entrance to the tunnel, it turned out that their agent was not in place. The beetle pressed the gas pedal and the truck rushed inside to meet the adventures.
A couple of branching tunnels later, the team drove into one of the abandoned technical tunnels, where it crashed into something. The truck began to skid and he fell on its side. Fortunately, the server was well fixed and did not suffer from a crash. Okay, the team entered the nearest technical room.
The atmosphere was filled with the smell of blood and decomposition. Walking along the corridor, the mercenaries saw a small line of blood on the floor. Moving deeper, the line grew until it brought the mercenaries to the locked door and the traces of the battle, which turned the room into a pool of blood.
The beetle and the cyborg began to open the door. The flair of one of the mercenaries worked and he felt that danger was approaching. The second one heard something metal tread on the concrete floor in the corridor that they had previously left. All players began to prepare to meet the enemy.
A robot stormed out of the corridor, attacking a cyborg. Having thrust the wires into the part of the cyborg prosthesis, the robot overturned the NPC, but he threw it back. It started to rain from lead and plasma towards the attacker. The second goal was the lacerta, draconid, if you refer to the DnD.
She confidently threw the robot back, and her partner, also a lacerta, turned him into a pile of metal. The battle was over. Junkie sat on one of the barrels that stood in the room.
But this barrel was also a robot. It rushed out from under the addict and disappeared into a large ventilation shaft.
At this point, the door was already open. Going further, they were met by a dead elevator. Okay, the racist bugs aren’t afraid of anything, he began to search for a way to fix the elevator.
At this moment, a barrel with two broken bots emerges from the ventilation. After destroying the robots, another elevator opens the elevator door.
A battle ensues with him.
An ordinary firearm could do it poorly, but one of the players had a plasma gun. He did no serious harm, but greatly warmed up the body of the robot. After, its skin was poured with lead. And then he died “death throat” and he fills the room with a death laser. Somehow dodging the laser, the mercenaries win.
The elevator turned out to be completely broken, but after unloading the gravitational platform on which the server had been all this time, the girl lacerta rises to the top. At the top, she understands the elevator and delivers the rest upstairs on its roof.
So the team ends up in a workshop on the lower levels of a dead hive city. Having examined the workshop, the team decides to split up. The lacerta guy decides to go into reconnaissance while the rest will wait for him in the workshop.
Okay, the team was waiting for him for about an hour. After this time, they were attacked by another robot at the end of the battle in which one of the mercenaries received a split personality. They decided to go after their scout.
And he meanwhile, as in the anime, fought alone with the boss. Since he fought one on one with him, I used a hidden condition that boiled over one of the boss stages. And there were four stages in total.
Defeating the boss, the lacertus fell due to huge bleeding. When his mind faded away he was saved from death by a cameo of Johnny Silverhead.
Finding the scout bandaged, the girl Latsert picked up the scout. And the guy Lazert at that moment returned to consciousness. A small comic insert began, after which the group went to the elevator to the middle levels of the hive city.
Having delivered the server to another robot, he was about to get rid of the group as it was interrupted by the appearance of Eva-01’s hands from the ceiling. Everyone is shocked, the “main villain” is dragged upstairs, and the group is taken by Eva-01. And so their journey ends.
As a GM, I made credits, because the games are held in series format. That is, it is something like a television show.
End of the first spinoff series.
Griff Laurent as Junkie and Not exactly Junkie.
Richard Randy as the character who was to be killed first.
August Von Mackensen as a relative of the main “Boss”.
Valerie Rosewell as a strong and independent lacerta.
Kass Zeza as the protagonist of the Shounen Manga.
… And Mark Johan in the role of a YOUAREENGINEER of the third convocation.


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