How to smarten up your D&D experience using Alexa

Alexa, become my Dungeon Master


Over the past few years, voice-controlled assistants namely Alexa have been a huge hit. They come with a number of abilities such as playing music on request, answering queries and even controlling your smart home appliances. Amazing, right? Well, the fun doesn’t end there as it is now possible to use Alexa to enhance your Dungeons & Dragons night!

As we know, D&D is a huge game and a voice assistant such as Alexa can be used in such a vast number of manners while playing it. Here are a few ways you can do it:

  1. 1 Rolling The Dice

    Rolling the dice in D&D is pretty much the funnest thing to do. It dictates the gameplay while also giving the game the biggest element of any board game ever. 

    You are probably thinking, "Yeah, we know where this is going and it doesn't sound fun." Well, we get it, nobody likes the idea of the dice being removed. However, there are times when you are made to roll the dice an abnormal number of times and keeping track of the figures can be annoying. 

    With Alexa, you can use it to roll the dice any number of times for you making the gameplay cleaner. Just say "Alexa, roll 8 d6" for example.

  2. 2 Background Music for Ambiance

    No matter what activity you engage with, music definitely enhances your experience (as long as it suits the activity) and D&D is no different. 

    There are times while playing D&D when the correct background score can create more drama. Alexa definitely helps here as it comes with Amazon music out of the box giving you access to creating your own D&D playlist or even call up tracks singularly. 

  3. 3 Vicious Mockery

    If you've played D&D enough, you know how embarrassing Vicious Mockery can get especially as it comes out of the mouth of a bard. 

    Surprisingly, Alexa has Vicious Mockery inbuilt and all you need to do is to enable it, call it by saying "Alexa, Vicious Mockery" and it shall come up with a random insult. Pretty cool, right? Well, trust me, these are just the basics, the possibilities of what a voice assistant can do while playing D&D are endless. 

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