How Vyktir Got Drunk and Made a Goblin Friend

This is Part one of my first ever campaign in Pathfinder. I hope you like it.


Alrighty then! My character’s name is Vyktir, a Half-Elf/Half-Orc, Elf dominant Ranger, and then there’s Oogah-Baggins, a Half-Hobbit/Half-Orc, Hobbit dominant Summoner.

We start off in a the tavern in our small town in the world of Albion. Me and Baggins are testing who has the strongest Orc blood with a drinking contest. Baggins isn’t doing well on the first round, and Vyktir is doing much worse. The Bartender asks if we wanted another round, we say yes, and after that, Vyktir is out like a light. Baggins barely won, and we were escorted to our respective homes.

We woke up the next day with blinding and splitting hangovers, keep in mind my rolls were Nat 1s and I was dying of laughter! They somehow find each other, and Baggins, being the better off of the two, barely notices a green blur pass between them. He summons an Eagle and uses it to follow the green blur while Vyktir follows Baggins out of familiarity than anything else. They come across the town’s refuse pile, and atop one pile was two green legs flailing in the air. Vyktir, in his infinite wisdom, goes to pick up the creature. His sense of balance is everywhere, and gravity doesn’t let him pick up the mysterious thing. This, of course startles both this creature and it’s buddy about 10 ft away from Vyktir and Baggins. They reveal themselves and are Goblin Scavengers! Vyktir attempts to intimidate them in Draconic, but all that comes out is a squeak and a little bit of vomit, and the Goblin are weirded out. Then, after the fight has begun, Oogah-Baggins uses his Eagle to attack the far Goblin and leaves him incapacitated. Vyktir, then attacks with his long sword, misses and is thrown off balance because of his hangover. The closest Goblin then uses his dagger to nearly incapacitate Vyktir. Then, after a failed attack by Baggins, a dagger attached to a chain incapacitates the Dagger-wielding Goblin. Vyktir decides to show mercy to the Goblins because his hangover was clearing up, and they both attempt to heal both Goblins. One is stabilized, but the other dies. They then stabilize Vyktir’s wound, Baggins takes the living Goblin to his house, and Vyktir throws the other in a garage can to keep the townspeople from panicking about a possible Goblin raid. Then Vyktir tried and failed to track down his savior.

This is part one of a continuing story, and I will post again when I’m able. I hope you liked this story and will continue to enjoy them as the story continues and evolves.



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