Netflix’s Toys That Made Us Team Now Making A Documentary On Magic: The Gathering

A documentary of Magic: The Gathering is in the works, from the Toys That Made Us team, nonetheless.


Along with the upcoming launch of Magic: The Gathering Arena on mobile devices, the world’s most popular strategy card game is also set for a documentary, and it is being made by the very team responsible for the Netflix original Toys That Made Us — the Nacelle Company. The title of the documentary is Igniting the Spark, The Story of Magic: The Gathering.

A brief history

Created in 1993 by the mathematician Richard Garfield, Magic: The Gathering was published by Wizards of the Coast, long time affiliate of Dungeons and Dragons

Magic: The Gathering's popularity spans upwards of 70 countries, amassing over 38 million fans. What started as a niche card game grew into an international franchise, sprouting worldwide tournaments as well as the collector's envy for the regular expansion set releases. The recent rendition of Magic: The Gathering Arena has also brought the gaming franchise into the realm of esports.

A visual of the game

Comments by the studio team

The CEO of the Nacelle Company, Brian Volk-Weiss, is "honored" to handle production. He is stoked to expose the "iconic game" to the mainstream "while at the same time preserving its rich history."

The co-producer Seth Polansky brags that he has played the game since 1994. A quarter of a century later, he is "beyond thrilled" to give back to Magic: The Gathering and its fandom since it has been his hobby growing up.

Kelley Slagela and Brian Stillman, co-directors, "can't wait to tell this story" of a game which is "a classic success story, a homegrown game that came from nowhere and achieved world-wide success" and which has "brought joy to millions of people and along the way completely transformed the game industry."

We could not have said it any better.

Ending Statement

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Source: Comicbook


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