Railroaded into a Character Death

A character I played on a server was murder then brought back then torture until death. Don't worry I won't describe the torture scene.


I am part of a west march 24/7 server. It a huge city that text based RPG. I been apart of the server for 9 months. I have two characters on the server one was an elf and the other was an half-elf. The server has some racism.Some of the elves think they are above all and treat other without any repsect. It hard to sometime RP because the admins have characters that are raceist. There is an undercity, I don't want to be apart of it. So to the story.

So one of my characters on the server was openly against racism in city and part of the guards she had spoken against one racist character and apparently this angered the undercity. So one day she was demoted and after she was given the job to guard someone she ended up with her being taken to somewhere she never visited and railroaded to the character death, She was grabbed (no save no checks) pulled to another secret room against her will and tortured.

Once I brought to their attention that it wasn't right that I wasn't told nor wanted the character to died. They just said she pissed off someone from undercity and then when I said she was going to try to escape they said nope and there was no way. Then in th NSFW channel in the server posted what had happen to her and made it sound like they where proud of it. I can't post what happed due to the contect of the material. This event has causes a bunch of people to leave the server as well as more railroaded into character death. I still apart of the server but I feeling a bit target.


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