That guy

  • That Time I Shut the Annoying Guy Up

    Back when 4th edition was still the latest version, my friends and I participated in a great homebrew campaign. This story only really involves four of our group’s members:  Markus, the human artificer with a sense of humor; Gogol, the goliath warden, naive but a good heart; Dalabrac, halfling rogue played by aforementioned annoying guy;...
  • Sudden yet inevitable betrayal

    For several years I ran and played games in an area that caused many of the same people to wander in and out of the games.  One of these we'll call Ben, Ben was actually a really good player, his charaters were interesting.  His dialogue usually at least on topic, sometimes even witty.  They always...
  • How I got rid of “That Guy”

    This little story happened during my second year of college. I was in a group that I love deeply. We've have played a campaign to completion and we loved it and wanted to do another one. So our lovely DM agreed and was setting up another one.  He was also down for having a new...
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