The eagle of Freedom

How Kirrik got his title as the eagle of Freedom


Even with all his quirks, Kirrik always tried to do the good thing. He merci killed suffering children we could not heal in time. And helped people out who needed it. The party once had to go to a factory full of forced child labour. We found out that the building was about to collapse and that the factory manager was in with a gang we needed to find. So we managed to get the info out of him when suddenly an earthquake shook the building. everyone ran out and Kirrik helped everyone out. all except the manager. Kirrik stood in his way. Denying him to flee to safety. “You let them bite the dust every day, how about we turn the tables for once” Kirrik said. Tha manager was shitting his pants as the building was collapsing. “pay the debt of these children’s parents so these innocents don’t have to be slaves” he continues. The manager tried to talk through his fear about nkt having the authority and the party eventually dragged me away from the door to let the man out. Just before it was too late. At first the manager was relieved. Untill he saw the pure hatred in Kirrik’s eyes. He fell to his knees and begged for mercy and gave his word thst he would do his best to help tbe children or at least improve their working conditions and let them get fair wages. To that Kirrik agreed.

A few sessions later we were at a brothel that was supposed to be a secret base of werewolves. The party did their own things. One wanted to play some music. one wanted to worm there for the night and one investigsted. Kirrik was a bit lost at what to do and was approached by a woman who told him she could give him everything he needed if he would follow her tl the basement. Kirrik, the Naive 3 year old thought nothing of it and went with er. The only support he got was that the owl familiar lf one of the party members went with him. Down there he was immediately surrounded by werewolves. But they seemed friendly. They told him about how they were cursed but found a way to live with it and keep their sanity. They only needed more time. Kirrik quickly befriended them and told them he would do his best to help. The owner of the familiar told the rest of the party what happened downstairs and one of them told the authorities. Kirrik only had a small moment to say goodbye and appologise before his new friends got buchered. He cried over the pointles deaths and told the story to the local news paper. And so he became known as the eagle of Freedom


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